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How to Select Short Term Car Rental?

Updated on September 28, 2015

Short term car rental is quit beneficial for those who need transportation for daily, weekly, weekdays, or weekends basis. Such type of rental service is required during business trips or vacations. If you are booking a trip for Singapore, then it is utmost important that you finalize transportation service also. Waiting for public transportation or cabs on trip basis will be very expensive and inconvenient for you. It will grab your large percentage of vacation budget and then you will require to compromise on other things.

Short term car rental
Short term car rental | Source

Procedure of Short Term Car Rental

Car rental companies also offer the option to view the car before hiring during certain hours. It may vary by company to company. They have wide variety of cars available for rent and you can choose the perfect one on the spot. You just require filling the reservation form and finalizing your car.

Car rental companies also offer chauffeur service. These drivers are well-trained and make sure that you reach your destination on time. If you want to drive the car yourself, then you must be 21 years old at least.

Advantages of Short Term Car Rental

  1. Replacement car is provided during service or breakdown.
  2. There is wide range of cars available for rental in new and used condition. You can choose from ordinary car to sedan, vintage car to luxury car, limousine to BMW. It depends upon your budget.
  3. 24-hours customer support is provided by most of the car rental service providing companies in Singapore. You can call them in emergency for the replacement of your rented car.
  4. You can drive up to unlimited mileage. Most of the companies offer unlimited mileage with short term rental service.
  5. You will get insured cars.
  6. Regular grooming and maintenance services.

Disadvantages of Short Term Car Rental

  1. Short term car rental is relatively expensive than long term car rental service. It is a rule of thumb that the car rental will be as much cheaper as many days you will hire it.
  2. You may require to bear a part of maintenance and breakdown in the emergency.

Things to be noted:

You should note down several things to consider while renting a car. Ask these things to your agent to avoid any hidden or additional charges.

  1. Do check the type of insurance coverage provided by the car rental company. If you want any additional coverage then discuss it with them. They may propose a higher premium initially, but you can negotiate.
  2. It is possible that age restriction for the driver is mentioned in the agreement. Do check for it. Car rental companies prefer experienced drivers.
  3. Check for the insurance and deductibles. Most of the time companies offer full insurance with short term car rental.

If you do some research for different car rental companies online, then you can get best deal and most competitive price. It is because of the availability of several rental companies in the market and everyone wants to increase their business.

Which car rental service you may prefer?

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