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How to Stay on Diet While on a Cruise

Updated on January 7, 2010

Don't let your diet sink!

 How to stay on diet while cruising,scarab,
How to stay on diet while cruising,scarab,

Legendary antipastos, tempting seafood buffet dinners, decadent desserts, unlimited does not take long to grasp the concept that a cruise is ultimately like taking a stroll among floating restaurants with so much to offer. Add then that gentle sea breeze that appears to just stimulate your appetite and awaken your taste buds, and there you have it:  the recipe for a great dining experience. But what about those on a diet? Indeed when it comes to dining on a cruise's fine restaurant , it may feel as if those rare specimens counting their calories while on vacation, are sort of left behind, perhaps on some desert island to feed on coconut milk and bananas.

However,  it does not have to be this way. A cruise ultimately offers passengers numerous dining options to choose from, so when it comes to dieting, the same rules apply as when on land. It all comes down to making the right choices and exerting some portion control. Worse comes to worse, a little splurging can be allowed, simply because most cruise ships offer as well ample opportunities to work out.  

For those who really want to be in charge of their diet and come back from their trip with no surprises, the good news is that following some simple rules and guidelines may help accomplish their goals. Following are some ways to prevent any shock after stepping on the scale.

Tips on How to Avoid Splurging While on a Cruise

♣ Bring Some Snacks From Home

Skip that morning breakfast offered on board and opt instead for one of your Weight Watcher's low calorie and low fat snacks. Most breakfasts offered on cruise ship tend to be on the heavy side often featuring croissant greasy biscuits, bacon and eggs and pancakes. Stay on the light side and you will also feel better and ready for the day. If bringing snacks from home makes you sad, go with fruit or choose something light like a bowl of hot oatmeal or whole wheat toast.

♣ Ask For Light Meals

Well, it is really not true that cruises have forgotten all about people on a diet, but in reality they actually offer light meals for those on a diet in mind. Cruise chefs are just really good in masking these light dishes and making them look and taste like if they were normal meals. Carnival cruises, Norwegian cruises ,Royal Caribbean International and Windstar cruises for instance have been awarded four stars for making it easy for dieters to eat healthy while on board their ships. Just look for the low calorie options if ordering a′ la carte or ask for light meals if you are going to attend the buffet.

♣ Request Modifications

You are really in power when it comes to your diet, so do not be afraid to ask for some modifications from the menu. For instance, if ordering a salad ask the dressing on the side, if you must have the escargot ask if you can avoid that heavy buttery sauce. The chefs are used to make changes and will do what they can to have a satisfied customer.

♣ Sip on Water

Many times cruises offer unlimited beverages or free cocktail drinks. While the word free may sound tempting, it comes with a cost for those on diet: lots of sugars and unnecessary calories. Bring along a bottle of spring water and sip on it throughout the day. Water will also help keep hunger pangs at bay.

♣ Split the Dessert

Those decadent desserts are too good to pass? It is quite understandable, it does not happen every day to see such artistically displayed desserts! There is really a way out. If you are in good company ask to split the portion with someone else. This way you still get to savor a taste of heaven without too much guilt.

♣ Take Advantage to Exercise

A cruise ships offers ample of opportunities to exercise. Did you know for instance that just walking back and forth on the deck, may be already a few mile's walk? Take the stairs instead of the elevator and look for a fitness center. All cruise ships are now equipped with one or more. Ride the bikes, use the treadmills and take advantage of the weight machines. Some ships also come equipped with personal trainers offering yoga or other aerobic classes.

As seen, there are several options for passengers on a diet to avoid being bombarded by those high fat, luxury meals. It really simply comes down to keeping an eye on calorie contents, looking for light meals and watching those portions. A little splurging is allowed, as long as it is forgiven with some fun activities offered on board.


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      7 years ago

      I like protein shakes - do they have these on a cruise?


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