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How to Survive the Rainy Season in Metro Manila

Updated on March 30, 2012

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, a tropical country which experiences only two seasons in a year – dry and wet season. The wet or rainy season used to kick in around the months of July to September with the big and usually destructive typhoons coming around the months of October to November.

When it rains in Manila, flood water follows most often than not. This flooding is a perennial problem that has plagued this city for so many years and is getting worse each time. It’s a sad fact that every Manila resident has to face. Having lived my whole life in this city, I have had my share of rains and floods. So let me share with you some simple things you need to remember to survive the rainy season in this city called Manila.

The Umbrella Connection

The most basic rule during the rainy season is always bring an umbrella. Even if the weather seems okay when you left the house in the morning, it is not a guarantee that it will last the whole day. If there are typhoon announcements, better bring the big and more durable umbrella. It is big enough to cover you and it will not easily get blown by the wind.

Slippery Slippers

Shoes are precious commodities. We spend hundreds, if not thousands of pesos on them. So to protect them, bring extra slippers so you do not have to subject your shoes thru the tortures of flood water. Sandals with straps will be a better choice so you can strap it on your feet. Slippers tend to slip out of your feet when in water.


A jacket will cover you and prevent your clothes from getting wet. You do not want to arrive at the office soaking wet. They will not turn off the air condition just to keep you warm.

Extra Clothes

Keeping an extra set of clothes in your office drawer may come in handy in times when staying the night at the office or at friend’s house is more practical than going home.

Stay Tuned

Listen to radio/tv announcements regarding the weather. Get a battery operated radio transistor so you can still be updated on weather news even during power outages.

Emergency Kits

Stock up on emergency supplies like flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, canned goods, etc. This will be your lifeline while you are stuck in the house during bad weather.

The rainy season is a dangerous time. Accidents and diseases abound. So be alert, be careful and be safe everybody.


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