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How to Vist Myrtle Beach on a Budget

Updated on February 16, 2012


Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit for anyone. It makes a fun vacation for families, college students, couples, golfers, and bikers. A lot of people go to Myrtle Beach unaware of all the local’s secrets to saving money. Here are some tips to help you out.



Campgrounds- Myrtle Beach has a wide variety of campgrounds that can be less than half the price of a hotel room during the summer. Camping makes for a lot of fun family memories also. You can grill out, make smores, or go fishing. Most of the campgrounds are on the ocean too so don’t think you will miss out on an beach time by staying in a campground.


Happy hour- Myrtle Beach is infamous for its fantastic happy hour deals. Hit the bars/restaurants between 4pm and 7pm to find $1 beers, $2 house liquors, and tons of free food like wings, taco bars and chips and salsa. A lot of restaurants and bars offer half-price appetizers too.


Stay inland- If you plan to visit Myrtle Beach during the peak season be prepared to pay and arm and a leg for a hotel room on the beach. Some of the rates are more than quadruple during the summer. However, there are some nice hotels in the neighboring town of Conway for a lot less money and you will still be a short 10-15 min drive from the ocean. You will also avoid traffic when going to places like the grocery store or the outlet malls.


Get to know the locals- Myrtle Beach really knows how to take care of it’s locals. A lot of the clubs host SIN(service industry night). They will give out passes to the local service industry employees for special events with free or discounted liquor and food.

Outlet malls- Wait until you get to Myrtle Beach to buy your new vacation gear. They have outlet malls galore where you can find everything you need.

Avoid the water parks- Don’t get me wrong. The waterslides are an absolute blast and I could spend all day on them. However, the entry fees will break your wallet, the food is extremely over-priced and you aren’t allowed to bring any food or drinks in with you. You are betting off going the hotel pool or the ocean for free with a cooler of drinks and snacks.

Eat breakfast at the hotel- Even if you have stayed out all night partying, always take advantage of the continental breakfast. If nothing else, go down in your pajamas and make 2 big plates and take them up with you to save for later. If you eat good for breakfast you might just be okay until eating for free again at happy hour.

Penny beers- If you plan to attend any Gentlemens clubs while you are in Myrtle Beach you may want to visit the south side. Some of the clubs host penny beer night and/or free food with a $10 admission charge.

Drink at the hotel- If your main purpose for going to Myrtle Beach is to go clubbing then don’t choose the inland hotel. You are better off paying the extra buck for the oceanfront room or a room in walking distance of Broadway at the Beach. Broadway at he Beach has some of the best clubs at the beach and you can get a room just across the parking lot. The rooms on Ocean Boulevard are good for people going to experience the night life. There are plenty of bars and clubs within walking distance of downtown Ocean Boulevard.

BYOB gentlemen clubs- If you choose the room near Broadway at the Beach then you will also be in walking distance of Derriere’s Gentlemen’s Club on Seaboard St. They you let you bring your own beer and they even give you a free cooler of ice. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the girls are a blast. You can usually find tickets for free admission at the neighboring gas stations.

Visit during the winter- If you are not that into sunbathing and sitting in traffic all day but still want to see Myrtle Beach then you may want to visit during the winter. The beach is still just as beautiful and you can get an oceanfront room for as little as $25-$30 a night.


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