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How to earn flight miles fast

Updated on February 12, 2012
Start flying now
Start flying now | Source

If you are a frequent flyer whether interstate or overseas or planning to do a number of flights then stop wasting time and sign up with an airline reward program and start earning frequent flyer miles.

There are loads of benefits in becoming a frequent flyer member and here I am going to explain how to accelerate your miles so you can get on your next flight faster to your favourite destination.

So what is an airline reward program?

It’s simply a loyalty programme where you fly with a preferred airline being loyal to that airline and hence the airline rewards you with flight miles.

What are the benefits in joining a reward program?

Benefits include not only flight miles and free flights but upgrades on flights, lounges whilst at the airport and the ability to use your miles to purchase gifts plus much more. The more miles you earn the more benefits and privileges you get.

What are alliances?

An alliance is a group of partners and in this case, several or so airlines joined together forming an alliance allowing you to fly to practically any destination whilst earning flight miles on any given airline within the alliance.

Route map
Route map | Source

How to join an alliance and start earning?

Firstly research which airline suits you best, you can do this by researching their destinations and routes taken around the world making sure your airline and its partners fly to your favourite destinations this maximising your miles. The two main airline Alliances that come to mind are Star Alliance and One World.

Click these links which will take you to the two mentioned alliances home pages and see which airlines are connected to each alliance.

After selecting one of these alliances go to your preferred airline website and sign up for a frequent flyer account. Sometimes these are free and sometimes airlines may charge you for an account to be setup either way you are now on your way to earning flight miles for the miles you fly with your preferred airline or alliance.

Credit cards are a great way to maximise points as long as your responsible with your spending.
Credit cards are a great way to maximise points as long as your responsible with your spending. | Source
Use reward and credit cards to pay for necessities.
Use reward and credit cards to pay for necessities. | Source

Ways to accelerate your flight miles

Sign up for a new credit card, most banks and credit card companies are now linked to major airline companies and they’re offering great incentives if you sign up including free sign up to an airline plus up to and above 30000 free frequent flyer miles for just signing up. This is a great way to accelerate your flight miles fast by spending on your credit card to purchase your groceries, fuel and paying bills. Some offer up to 2 flight miles per dollar spent. Yes, some credit cards have adsorbent annual card fees but some also offer free travel insurance and other benefits. Check these links to see if these are right for you.

Believe it or not major grocery stores have also jumped on the band wagon offering free sign ups to Airline Company’s creating more incentives to spend in their stores. For example, at the moment you can sign up with Woolworths Everyday Rewards for free and they are linked with Qantas Airlines, whom are a part of the One World Alliance. Once signed up they allow you to directly sign up to Qantas Airlines with them waiving the normal $82.50 fee for signing up.

Follow this link to become a member of Woolworths Everyday Rewards!ut/p/b1/04_SjzS0MDYzNjEzN9GP0I_KSyzLTE8syczPS8wB8aPM4t0NzZ1MXExNDCx8fd0MPA1d_H08_b2NDTwMgAoigQoMcABHA0L6_Tzyc1P1c6NyLAD3K-8N/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Hot Tips:

Choose an alliance with a large amount of partner airlines, not only will this maximise your points but will allow you to travel to more destinations.

When booking a flight over the internet or travel company always submit your frequent flyer number or upon check in, this will ensure your flight miles will be credited to your account once your flight has been completed.

Look out for deals with credit card companies as most of them offer a huge amount of bonus flight miles upon sign up and free travel insurance.

Most credit cards offer up to 2 miles per dollar spent.

Use your credit card to purchase everything from groceries, petrol, paying bills etc…This will increase your points fast if you are a regular spender.

Look out for grocery stores and the like that are linked with airlines. This will increase your points faster by shopping with these partners. Some also offer free sign up to airline companies.

Monitor your points balance online with the airline you have signed up with and redeem flights this way also.

Bad Points:

Credit card annual fees are normally high.


Use this as guide to see which airline alliance is right for you and the hot tips as ways to maximise your miles. Constantly research the internet for great deals and promotions offering bonus miles and hopefully you will be in the air sooner than you think.


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    • Paule5619 profile image

      Paule5619 5 years ago from Lima, Peru

      Hi Mandy

      Yes, great for frequent flyers and even for those that don’t fly much as long as you are earning something towards something even those that don’t fly often will be surprised when they have enough points to purchase a gift or an interstate flight for free.

      Personally, I don’t purchase anything in cash unless it’s a coffee or something small. I use my credit card for all my other necessitates. My logic is that when I’m paying with cash I get no reward but when I use my credit card or grocery shopping card I’m rewarded. Another principal I stick by is if I can’t afford it then I can’t have it. This program might not be for everyone but for those who fly regularly it’s a sure way to accelerate their miles. It works for me. Thanks once again for your comment.