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How to apply for Tourist Visit Visa (Non-immigrant Visa) for United States of America From Pakistan?

Updated on December 17, 2015

How to Apply for non-Immigrant (Visit) Visa for USA

In order to apply for non-immigrant Visit visa for United States of America from Pakistan one has to submit/fill in application form (DS 160) online. No manual application for USA Visa is accepted. Before payment of fee, one has to register with the official website of US Department of State (Consular Electronic Application Center) so as to enable him to prepare and submit online application for. Address of official website of US Department of State is:

USA Visit Visa

In order to obtain username, password, as a first step, please select your country as Pakistan or India, your email, name, password and code appearing in the security box. Please mention all the detail carefully and correctly. After clicking on "Submit" button you will reach to the following screen:

Online Visa Application for USA

USA Visa Requirements

You can also logged in later by using your username and password. You may start your new application by clicking on “New application/Schedule appointment”. However, before starting your application you may need to have following information /data in your possession, which will be entered in the online DS 160 Form (Non-immigrant visa application form);

As a first step you have to upload your photo. You may have a digital photo having the specification of (2 x 2 inches), 600 x 600 pixels to 1200 x 1200 pixels or get the photograph scanned. Pixel of already scanned copy should be 300. Image of your photo should be in JPEG format having size of less than 240 kilobytes. Further information about photo specification could be ascertained from

If you intend to apply for Visit Visa Select "Non-Immigrant Visa and press "Next" Button

Select the post where you would like to schedule an appointment.

Select your Visa type

Select Your Visa Class

Filling in personal information in USA Visit Visa

American (USA) visit visa requirements from Pakistan -

  • Your name as appearing on your passport i.e. family name, given name.
  • If you have a nick name, mention the same in your application.
  • Your marital status, date of birth, place of birth, nationality and your National Identity Card No. In case you have any US social security No., you have to mention it in the form.
  • Your complete address, city, province, home, work phone Nos., mobile cell No. and email address. If your mailing address is different you have to mention it.
  • Information about your passport includes your passport No., book No., Country, state from where the passport was issued, date of issue, date of expiry and detail of any passport which was earlier lost.
  • The next part of the D.S. 160 online application form relates to your travel information. First question is the purpose. If you are visiting for business purpose and have an invitation letter from a USA based company select B-1. If you are tourist/pleasure visitor select the category B-2. Please mention the date of your arrival, intending length of stay, address where you will stay. In case your trip is sponsored other than you please mention his name, name of the company/entity, his address, telephone number, email and relationship with you. If you are traveling with some one else, his name and relationship should be mentioned.
  • Next you will be asked about your travel history; whether you earlier visited USA, refused a visa, etc.
  • In the next part please mention contact information in USA e.g. your address, relationship with whom you are staying, his telephone number and email.
  • Family information includes the name of your father(surname, given name), his place/date of birth, question whether he is the citizen of USA. Name of your mother (surname, given name) her place/date of birth. Name of your spouse (surname, given name) her place/date of birth, nationality and city of birth as well as her address if differ from your.
  • In case you have any relative in USA please mention his name, relationship with you, his residential status in USA.
  • Next you will provide the information about your occupation, name of the business/employer, complete address, monthly salary and brief description of your duties. For example, if you are a proprietor, managing director, salesman or a partner in the firm, just mention your designation.
  • Next part of DS 160 form is related to your past history of any crime, conviction etc. Almost all questions are to be answered in negative. Please read carefully before selecting “No” button. Mention all details correctly

Next mention your current location e.g. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad etc. and then answer the query “Did anyone assist you filling out this application".

Click submit button and your application will be submitted and you will be able to get the PDF copy of D.S. 160. You don't need to get complete print of the D.S. 160 form to be presented before the Visa Officer. You just need print of the page on which bar code is available.

DS-10 Visa Form USA

How to pay fee for USA Visa from Pakistan, India & Afghanistan

After completing and submitting the DS 160 online form get the print of the page containing the bar code. The non-immigrant visa fee is US$ 160. One dollar is equal to Rs.105 which means the non-immigrant visa fee for Pakistanis is Rs.16,800. The non-immigrant visa fee is non-refundable/nontransferable. In order to pay the fee you have to again long in your account at the following address and follow the instructions for payment of cash fee at Allied Bank Limited branches.

How to get the schedule the appointment for USA Visa

In order to process your non-immigrant visa application for USA you have to appear for interview. There two methods for getting the appointment. You can book the appointment by logging your account and clicking the button “New application/Schedule appointment”. Follow the instructions to get the appointment date which will be 7 to 15 later of the submission of DS 10 visa form. You may also book the appointment

Documents you need to submit for USA Visit Visa

For processing your application you have to undergo the face to face interview at the office of the Embassy of USA. They do not give much importance to the documents you may have in your possession. The main emphasis for assessment of your online application for non-immigrant visa is on the action you pose while answering the questions of Visa Officer. They probably try to get applicants confused with unexpected queries.

What type of questions Visa Officers ask while processing your application for non-immigrant visa for USA

One of my friend told me that he was ready to take interview in English. The Visa Officer just came towards him and started interview in Urdu. This totally disturbed the applicant and he could not answer the questions put by the Visa Officer. Another friend told me that they refused me the visa in a minute's time. This pose an impression that allowing/refusing a visa mostly depends on their mood.

If the visa application needs further administrative processing or more documents, the applicant will be informed of next steps at the time of interview. If the visa application is refused, documents and passports will be returned to the applicant immediately after the interview.

The important thing to be kept in mind is that the questions should be put on you in the context to prove your financial and social ties in your country of residence and to ensure that you have convincing reasons to depart the United States after your temporary stay. You may take necessary evidence with you at the time of interview to substantiate your claim.

USA Embassy Islamabad

Are you satisfied with Visa Services provided by USA?

Are you satisfied with Visa Services provided by USA?

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