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How to decide if it's time for you to move away

Updated on June 9, 2014
Are you ready to move, or do you just want to sight-see?
Are you ready to move, or do you just want to sight-see?

No, not so much that you are getting chased out with pitchforks...

Thank you for asking this question, Whitney! This issue can be more simple for some than others because there can be many elements involved. Some people may have to worry about those elements; others may not.

I'm happy to write this Hub because this is something that I'm dealing with currently. I have the option to remain in the city I'm living in now, and possibly go to grad school... or go to Kansas and start a career. For some, Kansas might seem like a living Hell, but for me, it actually sounds exciting!

Here are some of the things to consider when thinking about moving out of town, out of state, or even out of the country:

  • Relationships - Is this something that your friends and family would be okay with? While you may feel pretty independent, it might not be the best idea if your parents have a hard time with the idea of you leaving... and by that, I mean a REALLY hard time. I guess it depends on how close you are with everyone, but I would say it's probably not a good idea to leave with freshly severed ties and unfinished business.
  • Jobs and Finances - Do you want to move to find new or better work? Make sure that there are jobs in the line of work that you are involved or interested in. Maybe some states or cities are big in an industry, and smaller in another. For me, I was hired for a cool job that was several states away; that's reason enough for me personally to pack up and move.
    Also, do you have the money to move? Will you be making more money? How are you going to live?
  • Politics and Government - What's the climate that you like? Is there something about where you live that you don't like? Are the taxes too high? Do the roads suck? What about where you might want to go? Maybe the governor is a jackass. You might REALLY not like how things are where you might want to move. Do some research and see if where you're thinking about going is right for you, in the governmental sense.
  • Stage in Your Life - Think about your life goals, and whether a move is the most prudent in moving toward those goals. If you have just graduated from high school or college and you want to try something new, that's a great time to get out there are sort of start over. A lot of my friends went out of the state for college when we graduated from high school. Maybe leaving everyone and everything that you know isn't the best option if you're in the middle of something. If the dating scene isn't working out in one place, why not try another? Try taking a look at the big picture.
  • Readiness - For me, I just felt ready to leave. I've been living in the same state, the same city, the same house basically my entire life, minus when I was in college. I felt ready to leave home then, and now I just feel tired of California. There is no place here that excites me and makes me feel interested in visiting... But for some people, excitement isn't what they want. They may want a place to feel at home and to settle down. I'm not looking to settle down right now; I feel like I have a lot of places to see before I start thinking about that!


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    • profile image

      Dan 5 years ago

      So what if I said I am going to do this! I have the money and I am just so tired of what is happening in my life now. Yes I got 2 sticking points, my kids, but they know and support me. As for the rest employers and friends! In less than a week I will just be someone to talk about but there lives and the community I was a part of will move on.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

      No problem! A lot of people can't stand the heat in Sac... Santa Cruz does have weather that is hard to beat. I hear a lot of great things about Seattle. It's great to see how carefully you are considering this - I'm very impulsive and I need to take care not to make the wrong decision as to where I end up!

    • Alexander Mark profile image

      Alexander Silvius 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Great hub. Recently I have been considering Seattle because I love the rain and I have always been intrigued with that city. But I think I am getting a new better paying job where I live now and I want to wait until I have either my commercial pilot's license or am generating a real online writing income before pulling stakes. I thought really hard about Seattle and realized that I wouldn't be going for the sights, I would be going for the culture and I wonder if that's really where I want to be. I hate California though (although the beaches are great) and it's too darn hot in Sacramento and the overall attitude is mean. I miss Santa Cruz. Just some random thoughts - you did make me think. Thank you!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks to everyone! Movearoundus, I went to Florida around Cocoa Beach and loved it. :)

    • bukan profile image

      Bukan 8 years ago from India, Kolkata

      :) yeah me too wants lots of new places to arrive their and know their culture. Nice One Thanks :)

    • movearoundus profile image

      movearoundus 8 years ago from Miami, FL

      frndz, i think u r stuck with California and so u r feeling bore, move to the Florida cities if u wish, at least once in your lifetime, you will surely get excitement over there. Moving is not a funny things, without reason nobody moves, so just make a plan and then move. If you need guideline, my advice is to go for, atleast i have got a lot more help from the expert movers around there. Try your luck......

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      Info Help, this is definitely something I encountered with my partner. We compromised because we moved where his work was, but it was closer to my family, so it worked well :)

    • Info Help profile image

      Info Help 8 years ago from Chicago

      Excellent hub! I am currently living in the state of Illinois and have been my entire life. Pretty close to Chicago, actually. My husband was born and raised in Oregon and wants to move back there as soon as we can afford to. I am torn

    • RVDaniels profile image

      RVDaniels 8 years ago from Athens, GA

      Good hub, mate. It's something we all must face sometime.

    • teeray profile image

      teeray 8 years ago from Canada

      You outline some important considerations here, glassvisage, that many people might not stop to think about when an opportunity for relocation comes up - or when people are stuck in a rut of some sort. I think a lot of people just go to where they think jobs and finance will be better. I like the point on 'readiness.'

    • fishskinfreak2008 profile image

      fishskinfreak2008 8 years ago from Fremont CA

      Very good advice here! Thumbs up