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How to hide nervousness on your first air trip

Updated on June 10, 2014
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I am Rajiv Sighamony and I love writing on topics that I find interesting.

I have experienced watching travellers doing stupid things on air, sitting on the plane seat. By the look of it, I knew, they have to be the first time air travellers. To my amazement, some would shrink in their seats, as if, bitten by a honey bee, hard on their cheeks. Some, I saw will try and make bold faces during takeoff, and would try and pop to come closer to the window, especially, when they are seated two seats away from the window.First time on air could be a distressing time for many.

You might not want to appear different, but the curiosity you face at that moment makes you uncomfortable, and you get stressed. What then you should do to stay calm and hide nervousness on your first air trip.

Watch other travellers

I will give you an illustration; I remember I saw a person struggling to adjust the seat belt. It sounds so silly, but I know for sure that it can be the most common problem, some passengers face. You never know how to strengthen your seat belt, because the reason is obvious – you have never done it before.

Simply follow others, perhaps, the one who is seated beside you may not be the first timer, and he certainly knows how to do it. Watching others gives you a way on how to behave while doing routine chores on an aircraft.

Listen to what air hostess says before take off

Instead of staring at her and her dresses, it’s more critical that you listen to what she speaks. Even after travelling so many times, I am still not sure, how will I hit the kit during an emergency, or how will I get the oxygen mask down to my nose. This is probably because I have never done it before.

When you pay attention to what the air hostess speaks about the essentials of travel safety, you will become more confident, and you will begin to enjoy your trip.

Don’t get excited when the food trolley arrives

Believe me, that’s the most significant part. Just imagine if the juice spills out of your glass and falls on the lap of the one who is seated beside you. The stare you will receive can annoy you and ruin the whole journey.

Do it slowly. Don’t charge for food or drinks. Avoid food that has gravy stick to dry stuff. It helps, I have experienced that dry food makes you more comfortable and eases you. Don’t get too many food items and place in front of you. It will become a mess, and you are likely to commit a mistake.

Always keep air travel accessories with you

The best travel experiences are felt by those who prepare for their trips well before. That’s an old saying, but it does make sense even now. Carry sanitized wipes to stay dry when you want to. Carry magazines and music devices to hear and steer your mind away, particularly, if you are too tense on your first air trip.

Always have your trip organized

Nervousness can also arise from the fact that you don’t have a guide to look onto. The best experiences on air always happen if you make the right choices, you have booked hotels before time, and you have arranged for the rental car to take you to your destination. There is several tour organisers’ right from Agoda, Tripadvisor and even Orbitz. Get one of them and be at peace.

Talk with fellow passengers

The best way to get rid of anxiety is talking with others. Just speaking and introducing yourself can put you at ease. You come to grip with the situation around you, and start feeling much better.


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