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Top 10 travel destinations wish list

Updated on October 26, 2013

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Wish list!

Tasmania, Paris, Italy, Egypt, Cape Town, Hawaii, California, Dublin, Agra and Mecca.....are on my wish list. These are the popular tourist destinations every year. And like everyone else, I am also affixed at seeing these places and witnessing their beauty, culture and history. I might have a couple of reasons personal to me for visiting these places, but let me tell you why any of these places could be on your wish list too.


Tasmania is an exotic island south of Australia. Its natural beauty is spellbound. Covered by mountains and thick rain forests and inhibited by many natural reserves, lakes and parks....its a delight for nature lovers and hikers.

I call it majestic Tasmania!


Destination for lovers and romance seekers! An art and architectural hub and fashion continent on its own....its 'the city of lights', as popularly known. With moderately mild and pleasant and somewhat wet climate, its a tourist destination for people of style and art. And above all, you also get to see one of the wonders or the world, Eiffel Tower. Make sure to take all the rain accessories as it rains all year round!


I would go to Italy only to see Venice. Yes, I would spend a lot of money just to see how the city was built so long ago on a river. off course there are other places like Florence, Tower of Pisa, Colosseum etc., but its Venice that attracts me more. Climate is variable depending upon your destination as Florence has more of Mediterranean while the east coast could be warmer. Best time to visit is summer when there is less variation in climate.


Everyone go there for Pyramids.....and I would too.

But, there is one more thing.......the awesome camel ride. To me, its a weird but fun ride. Not all people are crazy about it. But if you are and are traveling with kids, camel ride is definitely something to consider putting in the agenda. However, safety precautions must taken. Its necessary to understand that its a camel not a horse.

Cape Town

You would want to visit wine lands and wildlife. If you are a wildlife fan and big cats are your favorite, then you would love visiting Cape Town. Situated in South Africa, its a gay friendly city with bustling night life. Its counted as one of the top 50 tourist destinations around the world with traffic mostly engaging tourists from US and UK. Moderate climate and beautiful scenery are its specialty.


Want beaches, go visit Hawaii. Best place on earth for beach lovers and natural scenery. Fresh air, tranquil waters, traditions and amazing volcanoes-all for the sake of nature lovers.


Its the gold country with coasts and deserts. Its has life and history and its the most populace place in US with diverse group of people from every walk of life and ethnicity. If you want to witness people from around the world, its in California!


Dublin is in Ireland. The name Dublin is derived from Irish word that means "Black pool". History lovers would admire Dublin as it has architectural sites belonging to medieval, Georgian and modern era.


Former Indian capital during the rein of Moguls inherits Taj Mahal from the era. Taj Mahal is the monument respecting and idolizing love between a King and his queen. Apart from this famous monument, Agra is also known as city of tombs of Mogul emperors and their loved ones.


The place where the largest annual gathering of people takes place is Mecca. If anyone wants to witness this great gathering, which takes place in the Muslim calendar month of Zil-Hajj (12th month in the calendar), thy should. But amazingly, only Muslims are allowed to personally witness this gathering. Others can get the help of media. millions of people gather here every year to fulfill their duties and strengthen their faith in oneness of God.


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    • Fatiha profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from CALGARY

      Start from the one nearest to where you live.

    • Jan Brianne profile image

      Jan Brianne 

      5 years ago

      I couldn't select a particular place in your poll... It's sooooo difficult to choose. I love the whole world. I wanna travel the whole world... :)


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