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How to save money when booking a London hotel

Updated on March 13, 2015

It probably goes without saying that London boasts some of the most exclusive accommodation in the world. With hotels in Chelsea, Knightsbridge and the like all offering the very height of luxury, an overnight stay can be like staying in your own personal palace rivalling anything you’ll find in nearby Kensington Palace.

That said, it’s probably also a no brainer that booking a room in a place like that is going to mean coughing up megabucks.

Even the major hotel chains like Premier Inn seem to come at premier prices in London. So when you’re planning a stay in the city, it might seem like most places are well out of your budget.

Not necessarily. Here’s just a few tips on how to save money when booking a London hotel.

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Check the hotel’s own website

For many people, the first port of call when booking a hotel is to head to one of the many price comparison sites out there and try to score a deal. Yet with many independent places finding diminishing returns from such sites, many of our neighbouring hotels in West London are reserving their best offers for their own websites.

Sure, it makes sense to check out places like Trivago just on the off chance, but if you find a good deal on there, be sure to research the hotel itself. Chances are there’ll be even greater bargains in store.

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Share a room

You don’t have to be in a loved-up couple to take advantage of the discounts to be found by having more than one person sleeping in the same room. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you and that business colleague get cosy in a double bed, but most hotels these days offer twin rooms.

When you’ve found a hotel you like the look of, compare the cost of two singles to booking a shared twin room. We’re willing to bet you and your travel partner will save money by opting for the latter.

Stay outside the expensive areas

Accommodation in city centres or other prime tourist hotspots are always going to cost you more money than those even a few minutes down the road, so looking just outside the place you’re planning to stay could soon reveal some profitable results.

For example, The Hotel Amsterdam offer all the benefits of a hotel near to Kensington and Chelsea without any of the excess expense that comes from staying in the heart of either area.

SItuated close to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam Hotel London is only a short walk or tube journey to many of West London’s most famous landmarks and attractions, yet because they’re not right in the thick of it, they’re able to offer a lower rate on the same kind of high quality hotel we find in the city centres.


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