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Haworth steam railway

Updated on February 24, 2012

Haworth steam railway

Some times you miss what is right under your nose. Ten minutes from my home is the Haworth steam railway. They still operate a daily steam train service and I thought I would go for a day out today.

I was not disappointed, First thing that hits you is the smell of burning coal, Quickly followed by the noise and smoke and of course the steam. The best description is probably that of a time capsule.

The staff are all dressed in traditional clothing and with the mix of old clocks and the original building fabric it truly is a blast from the past. Summer time usually sees thousands of Japanese tourists, Amongst others paying a yearly vigil.

Of course two minutes up the hill is the Bronte sisters museum and the village is pretty much unchanged from those days.

A view from the bridge above the railway

Steam trains
Steam trains | Source


Looked like a shunter was pulling the engine out as we approached. I assume they move the locomotive with this until they have got steam up.

Shunting in progress

Worth valley railway
Worth valley railway | Source

Going underneath us

Shunter pulling the locomotive under the bridge we were stood on
Shunter pulling the locomotive under the bridge we were stood on | Source

Locomotive emerged from the other side

Shunter in action
Shunter in action | Source

Haworth station ticket office

Ticket office
Ticket office | Source

Haworth steam railway platform

Railway platform
Railway platform | Source

Our lift arrives

Ready to depart
Ready to depart | Source

One of the stops along the way

Old enamel signs
Old enamel signs | Source

Some shots of the engine

engine shots
engine shots | Source

Big lump of an engine

Big engineering
Big engineering | Source

A bit of history

The railway was opened in 1867 and finally closed 1n 1962. It re-opened with the preservation of the line in 1968 and now serves as the headquarters of the railway. The former goods sheds were converted into service and repair sheds for the locomotives. The track is five miles long with a number of stops along the way. You can transfer to the normal rail network at Keighley where the steam service terminates.

The locomotive we rode was serial number 80002. She was one of a batch of ten which were ordered for the Scottish region and was built at the derby works. After various duties including being used as a static steam producing boiler she was finally rescued and moved to KWVR in 1969. The line services various communities along the Worth valley. Including Oxenhope,Haworth.Oakworth,Damems,Ingrow(West),Keighley.

Getting up steam

Ready to roll
Ready to roll | Source

Heavy engineering

Detail of drive system
Detail of drive system | Source

Engine driver getting ready for the off

Engine driver
Engine driver | Source

Back end of the engine

Shot of the rear
Shot of the rear | Source

Keighley station

Blowing off steam
Blowing off steam | Source

Engine unhooked

Emerging from tunnel
Emerging from tunnel | Source

Train turning around

The train has to unhook for the return journey
The train has to unhook for the return journey | Source

Going past the carriages

Unhooked and going back to the front for the return journey
Unhooked and going back to the front for the return journey | Source

Living with autism

Jordan in one of the old carriages in happy mode.
Jordan in one of the old carriages in happy mode. | Source

Unique platform furniture

Old world platform furniture
Old world platform furniture | Source

Taking on fresh water

Tender taking on water
Tender taking on water | Source


I have lots of text to add to this hub but wanted to get the pictures uploaded and get the hub out there.

Worth valley railway

Taking on fresh water


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    • stugod profile imageAUTHOR

      Stuart Goddard 

      6 years ago from Bradford

      It sure was a great day out. Pretty mad at myself for not going more often. Only twenty minutes away alcosin

    • alocsin profile image


      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I love steam railways though missed this one on my last trip to England. Looks like I'll need to find it on my next trip. Voting this Up and Interesting.

    • stugod profile imageAUTHOR

      Stuart Goddard 

      6 years ago from Bradford

      Thanks for all the nice comments. I find myself with time on my hands at the moment. So I will be out and about for the next few months. Hope to get lot's of photos

    • UnnamedHarald profile image

      David Hunt 

      6 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

      Thanks for showing us all those pictures and images. It takes a lot of interest to keep those old engines going and a lot of hard work and dedication. I hope you do write more. Voted up and interesting. Oh, and thanks to molometer for sharing this.

    • molometer profile image


      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      What a brilliant hub.

      The photo's were great and the videos really gave a sense of the power of these great engines.

      We are so lucky that these engines were saved from the scrap yards.

      What a terrible waste that would have been.

      I just got a screen capture software freebie. If it isn't up to snuff I'll pop back and get a copy off here.

      Well done on an excellent hub.

      Voted up interesting useful and awesome. SHARING this everywhere.

    • nishlaverz profile image


      6 years ago from N.E England

      Great images. I live in Darlington and so have had many an chance to step foot on a working engine even if just for a short ride. I love that I have steam in my blood as some of my family worked building the engines.


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