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Hunting Games in Australia

Updated on October 18, 2016
Emu callers
Emu callers

Hunting evolved as a sport and pastime after it was no longer a necessity. The name itself relates to enjoyment and sport because it comes from the word 'game'. In this way, game animals are the animals that are hunted. In Australia, there are no large animals, and there are no large games. Big games would involve Safaris, where exotic animals can be hunted.

The impact of such games can be detrimental to the environment and in Australia hunting may have been responsible for the extinction of certain large species.

Why Hunters Hunt?

Hunters seek fulfillment through gaining trophies that is also part of an adventure. It is a gratification that involves exotic locations such as Africa. Other popular destinations include various European countries such as Estonia or Sweden followed by North America.

For hunters, the most popular method of shooting an animal involves a gun, but there are also traditional hunters who use bows.

In Australia, some Aboriginal people still hunt in a traditional way. Their tools include a boomerang that is to strike an animal. Although the main purpose of such boomerang is to kill, there are boomerangs that come back. Boomerangs that return may be used for bird hunting. There are also other hunting tools such as Emu callers. Emu callers produce similar sounds that Emus made, luring these birds away from their nests. Another hunter then goes and steal their egg.

Hunters contribute in a significant way to areas where they hunt financially through payments they make. Some argue that these investments have a beneficial effect, paradoxically also leading to an increase in the number of animals. In China, tourism has been incorporated into rural areas in such a way that these sites profit. It has been associated with the rising income among such communities. Some African countries record the highest income in hunting tourism industries.

The growing income from hunting tourism makes it difficult to eliminate illegal hunting that spreads partly due to poverty. The rise in hunting tourism is also driven by its changing character, where they become entertainment orientated. Hunting tourism as well as illegal hunting leads to the depletion of resources and it is important to ensure that such tourism is managed in a sustainable way. Perhaps for some species, hunting tourism should be abandoned altogether.

Some hunters enjoy the experience of hunting because of its atmosphere, where being part of the group can be rewarding even without shooting. Unfortunately, even despite arm conflicts and climate change hunting tourism still persists.


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