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Hyper Japan Christmas Market

Updated on January 12, 2016
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Ariyah Elrith labels herself as a mother, writer and seeker. In that order. She has been writing most of her life.

So as an avid lover of all things Japan I felt the time was right for me to attend one of the UK's biggest Japan culture events. Though the plan had originally been to attend the June Hyper Japan festival I fell into a new job and contented myself with attending the Hyper Japan Christmas Market instead so as to get my hands on some authentic goodies for family and friends.

Though small in scale compared to some Japanese events and conventions, there was an immense amount of choice and the entertainment lived up to the origins of 'kawaii'.

From the moment I entered I knew that I would put on a pound or two, the stalls were packed with delicious cuisines and I couldn't get enough of their sweet shop stall. Under the illusion that some of my purchases would make it home to my son, I bought a bit of everything!

The Tofu Cute stalls were by far my favourites and I was dishing out the dosh to get my hands on make up bags, fluffy llama purses, lolita style shoes and of course all the strawberry pocky I could eat. Delish!

Though cute llama plushies, keyrings and gorgeous food weren't the only things that were on show. For the more cultured Japanophile there was a blend of traditional fashions, art pieces and even the green of the bonsai trees were awaiting a place in British homes.

So if you're looking to have a day out that won't have you squeezing through crowds and standing in incredibly long queues for hours on end, I suggest you take a trip down to the Hyper Japan Christmas Market when it's next on. You better get saving though, because though your stomach won't be empty by the end of it, your purses sure will be!


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