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I Want to Join The Circus !

Updated on December 25, 2015

Run Away to Join the Circus

As a child did you dream of running away to join the circus like many others since the circus started in 1793.

The circus was popular as it provided people’s first view of new inventions, exotic animals and peoples, and popular entertainments which fuelled the dreams for many aspiring actors .

Were you one of the ones that spent hours practising juggling or acrobatics so as to have an act to perform ? Or maybe you acted like a clown convinced you would get top billing for sure !

Didn't it sound romantic the idea of traveling from one town to another helping put up the big top , getting everything ready for opening night and coming out into the ring in your special outfit ready to WOW the crowd !

In America they have Circus training for children who dream of running away to join the circus .

There have been many circuses over the years too many to mention

I Want To Run Away With The Circus

As I used to dream of running away with the circus I used to read stories about children that did just that & somehow they always had a great talent to share with the crowd.

Funny enough I could never work out what I would be good at doing within the circus ring to be of any benefit so it stayed just that a childish dream never to be fulfilled .... or so I thought .... until now !!

I have been to the circus a few times with my children and more recently with my husband & loved the breathtaking entertainment on offer!

We all think that we have to be a clown, lion tamer, swallow fire or fly high in the sky to join a circus.Yet we forget that Circuses require administrative support, accountants, costume designers and sewers, animal tenders, and ticket takers...

Decide which circus you would like to join and just find out what their needs are!

Maybe you have the skills that the circus are looking for even when older like myself !!

We have a great sense of humour, punctual, flexible & reliable, enthusiastic and keen! And have our own accommodation -- ready to start when needed.

Would you make a good clown ?!


Hoping to Join The Circus !

Now you are all falling on the ground laughing hysterically at the idea of us Grandparents joining the circus aye lol !!

Trying to imagine me on a trapeze or juggling ???!! Forget it !

However there is a circus that needs people to promote the show in advance and we can do that ! I have worked a territory calling on businesses so I am hoping now after all this time to join the circus !!!

When I do ( trying to be positive here) then I will let you know more about it !

On the road with the circus

Caravan would look good with circus posters !
Caravan would look good with circus posters !

Ann Joined the Circus!

I’m going to run away and join the circus” has been proclaimed by millions of disgruntled children over the years and of course not many followed through on their threat !

However there was a young girl who followed her dreams and, surprised everyone by slipping off from her comfortable home to pursue a career under the big top. Born August 19, 1901, Anna Lee Pickel grew up on a farm with Her parents, Charlie McGee Pickel and Minnie Ann Davis Pickel,

They raised fine horses which provided many opportunities for Ann to become a skilled equestrian.
Ann was less than 5 feet tall and weighed 90 pounds and auditioned for John Ringling .
“Go get fitted for a costume,” Ringling told her after observing her poise on horseback. That was the beginning of her stint with Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Her act consisted of riding a small horse around a ring , then became a part of Ménage, a troupe of 20 young ladies who formed a chorus line on horseback, prancing and performing stunts the entire length of the arena.

Ann Also worked with the elephant trainer for a few years and in total was with the circus for 7 years !

Ann worked with circus legends as tightrope artist Karl Wallenda, lion tamer Clyde Beatty and aerialist Lillian Leitzel.

When Ann became a nurse she would have had some amazing stories to tell !

Ann in the Circus

Join The Circus

The Circus

Great Entertainment

Wherever you are in Adelaide or elsewhere watch out for posters for your next circus to attend for a fun family outing or even a fun date to make a change from the movies & have a great time !


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