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If you want to emigrate, which country should you choose and why?

Updated on June 19, 2013
Courtesy or Mr Lightman
Courtesy or Mr Lightman

There are a huge amount of countries out there; to decide where to go it will probably help to find out why you want to leave the one you’re in first. There are many different reasons why, these are a few that come up all the time - which one of these most explains your case?

Would you like a better life for you and your family? A safer place for your children to grow up in, with more choices and opportunities when they are older? Check out the Global Peace Index. Yes, that really is a thing. Every year all the countries in the world are ranked according to their perceived safety and Iceland is topping the charts at the moment (in the list for 2012).

As skills shortages often differ in different countries, would you want to move for better job prospects or maybe a more relaxed life with less commuting and a laid-back atmosphere? To find out what jobs are available, there are plenty of on-line professional journals which also have job sections as well as international job sites like . It can also be worthwhile seeing if where you work at the moment has opportunities abroad, particularly if they are a large and/or multinational firm.

Family is often part of the situation, do you want to move to be with (or get away from!) extended family. Or do you just want to make a new start. I’m not sure I can help with this one, if you are moving closer to family, then you have some idea of where you would like to go. If you are moving away, I guess, the world is your oyster!

Nicer weather is often cited as a reason to move (although I think a lot of English people would be surprised to know that there is actually more rain in Sydney Australia than in London England). There are many online sites that can tell you the weather in almost any country you choose e.g. . I have often found that local travel agents will also have general weather information to enable you to choose when to take your holiday – this can also be useful to give you some idea of the weather in foreign climes.

Do you want to experience a better community feel, friendlier people, more interesting culture, less violence and reality tv obsession. Somewhere that your money goes further, where you can afford bigger property nearer the countryside and wide open spaces or perhaps a beach, meaning you can also have a more outdoor lifestyle. These things can only really be found out by studying the countries you are interested in in more depth. Perhaps, using the previous criteria you can narrow down your ideas to a handful of countries. Then, either by searching online or by using your local library, you can find more detailed information in guidebooks and factual books.

Courtesy of Photokanok
Courtesy of Photokanok

While all these reasons are why people want to move abroad you have to be sure that you will be getting what you actually want from where you move. Otherwise you will be back before you know it. Make sure you do your homework and really check that the country you have selected, actually fulfils the criteria you have selected it for. As in the example above, a great deal of Britons want to move out to Australia for the weather but Sydney actually gets more rain than London. Having said that, there is a lot of sun in between and this does make a huge difference when you are used to frequent grey, damp days in a row.

So, basically what I am saying is that you must be sure, even take a vacation in the city you have chosen to make sure it is what you want before you take the big leap of moving yourself and possessions away. And always remember, you can come back if it is totally wrong, but you may always be saying ‘What if?’ if you don’t take the plunge. Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy it, and if you do decide to move, check out my other Hubs about emigrating.


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