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In a Time of Home Stone: A Virtual Journey to "Hidden Italy"

Updated on March 26, 2020
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I like to read and write in the English language on topics such as society, politics, business, education, sports, and worldly issues.

In the footsteps of travel literature as the carrier eye for those who missed the pleasure of traveling, and with it, and through them, these writers enriched their writing with the memory of mankind and the civilizations it accomplished ... On this footsteps, Hoda Soweid fought in her new “hidden Italy” (Bessan Publishing) seas of discovery, and Voyeurism.The professional with a pen stimulated by an eye, leaders, and mind inflamed with questions, so I played a dual role in accomplishing this: the tourist was the guide and the tourist guide, to present to the reader - and even to those who visited Italy more than once - an intense picture of the privacy of the six regions visited and the small villages, paths and twists Behind her, she held "ambushes" with binoculars The tools of exploration and "wretchedness" for fear of leakage of information required by the opportunity to leave and move around, in addition to places, names and popular celebrations, and another intense image of hidden Italy, which is in contrast to the pink carpet. Hoda managed to grab our hands and surprise us, and we share that "Italy" that "stores 30% of the world's cultural heritage." It is a book in the time of home quarantine and virtual travel that enriches the imagination of having missed tourism to a country "enough to live in it in order to find silence every day in visiting a place of its place, it must contain a historical masterpiece, archaeological and artistic".

And because Italy was not made by Rome and the major cities alone, but by all its provinces and villages - as it says and as I discovered - "many places in Italy leave their mark on the soul, especially those rich in their stories and their names are linked to artists as artists, writers, or musicians", and was directed by Leonardo da Vinci “Who occupied the world with his genius and his art,” and it was “cultivated” by it that “Leonardo's mother was of Arab origin that the family exonerated from her” (p. 253), or her visit to “Collodi”, which turned “a focus of attention and tourists thanks to the writer Carlo Lorenzini and his fictional story“ Pinocchio ”. The nose that lengthens in parallel with the increase of its lies! To commemorate the writer, hero or lie, Pinocchio rose to a bright color statue and a long nose of 16 meters and 14 tons of weight ((we are saddened by the absence of any statue of Juha, the symbol of humor with the flavor of wisdom in our country)! From him to the birthplace of Valentino, the Latin lover and famous Tango dancer And the representative of the silent cinema “for whom women committed suicide, but his life carries many masculine relationships.

The “insecticide” of Hoda, the researcher, was not limited to the non-dominant in the context of her profession, which left her wide impact in the newspapers of Beirut and the Arab countries. When she made her journey through her marriage to Aldo Rollla, she asked about the name and meaning of his town in which they settled and called “Boca de Magra” and in Arabic it means “mouth The slender "(!)", And from there and through it, Hoda invented her "westernization" by breaking the absence of familiarity at first. Then she carried her pen and went around Italy and its islands, perfecting the art of describing the beauty of nature, the magic of its mountains, the transparency of the waters of its shores, and the friction with the cultures of the people of these regions “and if I learned later that the gossip perfumes them” and the different characteristics of each other, we took us to the terms of their great writers and products, and to Carved "Black Jesus or Palestinian Jesus as critics describe it for the oriental and shaggy poetry reflected in the sculpted face, and to the Carrara Mountains" the unique marble mountains in its color, "for which" sculptor Michelangelo cut distances to transport and use in sculpting his masterpieces as "Musa", “David”, “Compassion”, etc. Stand in villages belonging to the province of Tuscany, including Mulasso, in which "the statue of Dante with his artistic beauty dates back to the eleventh century with books in his hand, which is of course the symbol of the divine comedy", to Montenegro The stone that "invites you to chat with it", or the "Christian pilgrim path" in "Via Franchigena", which the European Union declared a cultural path in 1994.

From the region of Trentino, its mountains, forests, wood carving, birth ranges, bushes, and lakes, Hoda creates a translation of her “mystical” sensations. He is bewildered at describing the color of the lakes and when the most beautiful ones are: is it with the dawn dawn of purple, pink, or twilight at the sunset? As for Sicily, it won a large share of its interest in "beauty and history," to which the Italian government devoted March 23 as a national day against the Mafia. Although Sicily - as you remember - gave birth to glossy cultural figures, while "the clothes of its old-fashioned ones are similar to those of the southerners in Lebanon." As for funerals, they are black, and scarring is not without shouting.

Sicilian elderly dress is similar to that of southerners in Lebanon

Sardinia is an island of "alienation and secrets," so we leave the reader the pleasure of discovering the beauty, magic, customs, mysticism, bandits, expressive murals, or morales, which impressed us, and "include popular messages centered between political, social, and human, which sometimes suffer from the cartoon style and some wisdom."

Before moving us to Hidden Italy, she passes through popular festivals from folklore and religious processions, "the Italian is able to invent or find an idea and formulate it as a feast", to food festivals, such as fish, olive oil, chestnut, and singing.

Finally, she finds us with "mirrors of violence", and what Hoda did well is by leaving her for the last pages of her book, as it is the image - the opposite of Italy, art, beauty, and romance, and that it is "violence that accompanied the Italian structure". It tells about the brutality currently practiced in the bottom of society, whether against women and killing Old people, child abuse, sisters, and accumulation of waste because the proceeds of selling them are due to mafias (?), And escalation of aggression towards the other. As if Hoda Sweid still asked where is Italy that I have not yet visited ?!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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