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Incredible Vacation Ideas in Destin, Florida

Updated on September 15, 2015

Florida is a big state, and there is a lot to do here. Between the beaches, Disney world world class golfing, some of the best fishing anywhere, reefs and wrecks to snorkel and dive, incredible shopping opportunities, a favorite 30A wedding destination and more, there is always something for someone. If your planning a trip to Florida, odds are you are wanting to have fun, relax, and cut a little loose. Where better to do that than a trip to Florida's Beautiful Emerald Coast? Destin vacation rentals are one of the most popular family vacations here in Florida, mainly due to being beautiful, affordable, and very family friendly, unlike other party towns along the beach.

The Water

One of the biggest draws to the Emerald Coast is the coast itself. Our sugar white sands and emerald green color will have you falling in love before you even make it to the beach! We take pride in our beaches, and keep them clean, and family friendly. Come see why family's make the trip every year to our beautiful shores, and take home a little piece of the "Salt Life" with you! Beaches not your thing? Take for instance Big Kahunas Water Park. Open seasonally, this water park is full of fun for all ages, and is a great alternative to the beach. While most family's in the area still plan at least one day to lounge and play on our sugar white sands, a trip to Big Kahunas should also be made. This tropical water park is perfect for kids of all ages, and rates very high in fun. Add in the affordability of Big Kahunas, and you have a win-win-win that will keep the entire family happy! To take full effect of this water park, get here early! Got a boat? Then your in luck! Don't have one? No problem! Destin is full of local boat rental and jet ski rentals, meaning a day on the water is available for anyone. Spending a day on the water? Then you have to check out Crab Island, a locals hangout located just east of Destin in the Destin Harbor. This island, really a sand bar, was created by the US Army Corps of Engineers from dredging the channel, and is where locals to the area love to drop anchor and float around and party. You can be sure to have a crowd at this very popular local spot during the warm months!


Golfing is definitely one of the things that Destin excels at. With more professional quality golf courses than you can shake a stick at in the local area, its no wonder that golfers love to vacation on the Emerald Coast. And with many of the more premier courses located on the gulf and bay, some of your shots will be unforgettable. Play a round at Kelly Plantation, Regatta Bay, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, and more, just to name a few. The local area is teeming with challenging courses, fast greens, bunkers that will drive you crazy, and some of the best water hazards in the game. Come see why PGA openers are held locally. You wont regret a day on the course here in Destin!


Again, the water is a big draw here in Florida, and diving and snorkeling enthusiasts have it all here in Destin. Much has been done to the local area over the years to make Destin one of the premier locations for diving, with the addition of multiple wrecks to dive and snorkel Find undiscovered treasure, and see things only few have ever seen, as you swim in the crystal clear waters that lap our shores. With more diving options than most places, Destin can please for many more trips to come as well! Add in all that with some of Florida's reef system and you have a diving trip that you will remember forever!


One of the biggest draws to the local area after the beach has to be fishing. Destin is known as the "Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village", and they live up to the reputation. Destin is located at the closest point to the 100 fathoms curve, meaning that Destin is the quickest trip to deep water, where all the good fishing happens. And does it ever happen. With one of the largest commercial and private fishing charter fleets in the state, trips come and go at all hours of the day and night, and range from half day excursions to full day, and even over night and multiple day trips. Fishing from a boat not your thing? Not to worry, as Destin has literally hundreds of places to fish from the multiple bridges and the Destin Pier. Freshwater, fly fishing saltwater, shore, trolling, deep water, sport, crabbing, cast net fishing, and more all can be done right here in our waters. With this ample supply of bounty from the ocean, its no wonder that some of the worlds best anglers love to visit Destin.


Shopping locally is no exception as well, as many name brand stores have a presence here in Destin. We have shopping down to an art, with 3 different shopping centers all along 98 (not including the mall in Mary Esther, just a short drive east). Find some of the biggest name brands all in one location, and melt that credit card. With all this shopping, your going to need to set aside at least one day! Shopping varys from local favorites, to internationally recognized brands, and from beach and resort ware, to name brand, to kids, and more.


The food here along the Emerald Coast doesn't disappoint either, with many world class restaurants and chains, to many local eateries. Sample foods from all over the world locally, and enjoy some of the best cooking anywhere, as well as some of the freshest caught Gulf Seafood. Choose from a wide arrangement of restaurants and price ranges, from ultra modern eateries, to traditional simple southern cafes, to fast food, to family, to ultra fancy. The sky is the limit, and seafood is one of the biggest draws, with just about every restaurant having their own taste and menu.


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  • silvershark profile image

    Kenneth Moody 4 years ago from Destin, Florida

    Thanks for your comment! Destin is one of those jewels along the Emerald Coast that not too many people know of. It definitely is more family oriented than the party loving Panama City Beach to the east.

  • tipstoretireearly profile image

    tipstoretireearly 4 years ago from New York

    The diving/snorkeling sounds fantastic! And the emerald waters sound inviting. Looks like a great place to vacation.