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Indian Railway – What is PNR and How to check its Status?

Updated on March 22, 2013

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record is a 10 digit number that is indicated on the upper left corner of an Indian railway ticket. This is the record of travel of a passenger or group of passengers that is indicated in the database of CRS or Computer Reservation System. What you can find in your PNR are important booking information which include the name of the passenger, contact information of the travel agent, the ticket information that include the ticket number and the ticket time limit, itinerary and the name of the person who booked the ticket.

Once the requirements are completed the computer reservation system will issue an alpha numeric ID record locator that will be maintain despite of any additional information that was entered or modified. And now, you don’t have to travel to the railway station to obtain the PNR status because you can check it through PNR status check websites, mobile phone and android app which make it more convenient for the passenger to

How to Check PNR Status

One of the easiest ways to check on the PNR status of railway ticket is to login to the PNR status check websites (and there are several) wherein it will prompt you to enter the 10 digit PNR number, once you hit the “Get PNR Status” button, the system will generate the information about the PNR ticket which include the confirmation, modification or cancellation of the booking.

Another way to check the status of PNR is to through your cellular phone or landline. If you want to inquire about the PNR status through SMS, the passenger just need to text: PNR (10 digit PNR number) then send to any of these digits: 57886, 5676747, 139 and 54959. In addition, if you’re using a landline phone, you can directly call a toll free number 139 to check on details such as fares, time of arrival, departure of trains, accommodation and availability.

For the technological savvy and who are using Android smartphone, the great news is that you can check the PNR status by downloading the android application. You will find several applications on Play Store that can help you with your PNR enquiry. Once you have picked the application, hit on download button and then install the app. After a few seconds, upon completion of the app, it is now, ready to use. And again, you will have to provide the 10 digit PNR number in the text box then click on “Check PNR” and the app will generate the result from the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC which is regularly updated with the latest details about the PNR status of the passengers.

Indian Railway system is keeping up with the technological demands of the passengers to make booking and travelling all over the country hassle free and a joyful experience for everyone. If you want to know supplemental information about the Indian railway, you can check their websites and they can also provide you with supplemental information that include travel tips and the best spots to visit all over India.

Looking to travel to India, then it is better to check PNR status of railway. This will give you more info. Visit our website today and learn more about PNR railway travel in India.


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      bankersadda485 16 months ago

      Thanks for shareing such a great information really helpful our website gives the best and the most interesting information once again hats off to you! Thanks a ton once again, Regards

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      Ticket Cancellation Charges 17 months ago

      Hello, the article is very informative. Now i finally came to know what is PNR and how to check it. Thank You for sharing.

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      Hyderabad metro Map 17 months ago

      i have one doubt when the chart will be prepared ?

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      PNR STATUS 17 months ago

      You can check your pnr status train status irctc train status and kind of railway enquiry only at

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      i got best solution agar ap pnr dekh na chahte ho to yaha niche vali site par ja0....

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      Year train me kitne pahiye his hote hai

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      tapan 2 years ago

      How many days store the PNR no / can be checked in indian railway / can I know the pnr status after 10 days of train schedule time?

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      snehasharma07 2 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this useful information regarding Indian railways pnr enquiry, you can check your pnr status on too.

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      Rohit Shetty 3 years ago

      Visit for PNR Status

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      I things pnr no is mostly and valuel number

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      Anoop Banerjee 3 years ago from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

      Amazing site .. Nice piece of information abt tracking PNR Status. good work. And i hope other railway sites follows the same.Hope u appreciate similar types site like .Regards

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      Lalit 4 years ago

      Guys, check this out...all Indian trains info at one place

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      celebinfo 4 years ago from India

      Thank you Sjeeta for providing useful information that every Indian should know.