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Installing LED light Fixtures in a Motorhome

Updated on February 7, 2015

The new LED light fixtures product more light than the old fixtures with incandescent bulbs, and put out a white color light verses the yellow color light from the old fixtures. Plus, the cost of new LED fixtures was less than LED bulbs. I have a ten year old motor home and my plastic lens on the light fixtures were discolored from the heat of the incandescent bulb and I wanted to replace the hole fixture. This will not happen with LED lights as they produce no heat and have clear lens that look elegant.

I ordered Gold Star brand LED light fixtures from Amazon.

To Replace A Light Fixture:

First remove the lens cover of the old fixture with a flat head screwdriver to expose the screws. Next remove all screws and hold the fixture before cutting the wires. Reminder to turn off the switch or remove the fuse before cutting, and only cut one wire at a time without touching anything else. Cut the wires one at a time and strip the wire ends back 1/4 inch.


Have the new fixture ready with screws and wire nuts in hand, then connect the wires one at a time using the wire nut provided. (Red to white, black to black) Position new fixture in desired location and secure with screws provided. Note: the new fixtures are smaller than the old fixtures and you might have to fill a screw hole or two.

Test the light by turning on the switch and replacing the fuse. You may do this before securing fixture to ceiling.

Old incandescent fixture
Old incandescent fixture
Strip wires 1/4 and secure with wire nut. New fixture may have different color wires.
Strip wires 1/4 and secure with wire nut. New fixture may have different color wires.
New LED fixture
New LED fixture


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