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Interview With A Climber

Updated on August 15, 2012

Copyright © Jason Bramley - Lou2212 All RIghts Reserved.

Interviewer : Lou2212 Interviewee: Jason Bramey

I Interviewed my fiance on climbing mountains.

1) Which recent mountains have you climbed?
-Scarfell Pike , Ben Nevis via Carn Moor Dearg

2) Which mountain was the most challenging and why?
- Ben Nevis, simply because it took the most amount of time.

3) How do you feel when you reach the top?
- Brilliant. Like i've achieved something big.

4) Which mountain was the highest and what were your first thoughts on the hight?
- Ben Nevis. I just saw it as a challenger to take on.

5) What advice would you give to others planning to climb?
- Simply take your time and enjoy it, you dont need amazing fittness either.

6) Is there any mountains you would climb if given the chance?
- If i was given the chance, training and funding, i would love to climb Mount Everest.

7) Have you always enjoyed outdoor adventures?
- Yes definatly, Ive always been found of the out doors, taking in nature and the fresh air.

8) What first inspired you to climb?
- Sheer boredom, i really wanted to do something different.

9) At any point in climbing have you ever felt nervous or scared & if so how did you overcome it?
- Not really, I am a bit of a dare-devil but there has been points where i have felt physically exausted.

10) Is there anything else you would like to climb or explore besides mountains?
- I'd like to do a whole rang of outdoor activities and maybe one day do a treck to the north pole. It would be a brilliant adventure!

11) When you did the climbs, how long did they take individually?
- Ben Nevis Via Carn Moor Dearg - Around 10 1/2 hours on a slightly harder route.
- Scarfell Pike - Around 5 hours while photographing landscapes on the way.

12) How would you describe the views ans scenary around the mointains?
- Absalutly amazing, breath taking, words just could not describe them.

13) Would you agree that fittness plays a key part & that it is not for the faint hearted?
- No, I think that any one could do it if they have the determination.

14) People may say that to tackle such hights on mountains, you must be mentally unstable. What are your thoughts on this matter?
- You dont notice the hights so much when your consentrating on what your doing, i would say dont call it until youhave done it.

15) To climb such hights, people would say you have to be fealess. Would you class yourself as fearless?
- i would not say you have to be fearless at all because everyone has fears but the adrenalin rush takes over especially because i climb on my own.

16) How do people react when you tell them what you have climbed?
- They tend to think im mad down to the fact that i climb on my own.

17) Do other peoples comments have an effect on you when considering a climb?
- No, if its something i want to do, i'll do it.

18) Would you class climbing as a passion of your's or just a challenge?
- Just a challenge really. I like to test my own limits of what i can and connot do.

19) As well as physically demanding, is climbing mentally demanding as well?
- It can be when your exausted, having to watch everystep you take so that you dont put your self in danger.

20) What is your favourite thing about climbing?
- Feeling free and as though i have accomplished something big.

Thankyou for reading, If you wish to ask Jason a question, Please email < he will respond VIA my email address.

Copyright © Jason Bramley - Lou2212 All RIghts Reserved.


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