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Need A Break From London?

Updated on September 12, 2013

Signs And Reasons That You Need A Break From Life In The Capital

London is one of the best cities in the world. Its diversity has made it appeal to people from all over the world. Many people who weren’t born in the capital have moved there because it offers what they want in a place they can call home. Even so, this love of the city can tire at times. The trick is to recognize the signs and take action. The answer is to have a break from the capital.

But what are the signs?

Your patience is wearing thin.

Fed up waiting for the bus or train to arrive? Get frustrated and angry if the next tube train isn’t due for more than five minutes? If that’s you, maybe you are due some time out from the Capital. Yes, the London transport can be unreliable, but it is extensive and does mean living in most parts of London doesn’t require having to own a car to get anywhere. And even so, ten or fifteen minutes, in the grand scheme of things, is not that long a time.


You also find yourself getting annoyed at tourists, especially if they stop suddenly to do something as unthinkable as look at a map! If only you had the time to just stroll around, seemingly without a care in the world, possibly taking in all the wonderful sites that you are far too busy to notice or appreciate.

London can do that to you if you are not careful. You get on the treadmill, which starts turning, and gets faster, and faster, and faster…. Before you know it, you are geared up to rushing everywhere, permanently trying to get everywhere at stop speed, believing you must get to where you need to go – right now! Maybe it's time to be a tourist yourself for a while. Slow things down and get off the treadmill, at least for a while.

Purchasing dominates your life.

Do you find yourself worrying from a feeling that you are lagging behind with owning the latest gadget, wearing the ‘in’ t-shirt design or being seen in the latest cool bar or club? A break can give you time to put your life back into perspective and take you away from the continuous onslaught of advertising and peer pressure that can be a big part of London life. Maybe a trip to a less wealthy country may help you realize what you already have. Watching children play happily while appearing to own next to nothing can be a real reality check.

Take time out from pressures and stresses of modern life in the city
Take time out from pressures and stresses of modern life in the city | Source

Little time for the simple things.

Too busy, too many commitments and too many hours commuting. This leaves you picking up pre-prepared food on the dash home - after coming out the gym - which followed straight after work - before meeting up with friends. Does this sound like you? You need to give yourself some time out to enjoy the simple things. Taking yourself out with a trip from London can be just the fix. Maybe book a few days in a self catering cottage or apartment and enjoy preparing and eating food made and cooked yourself. Keep the phone turned off and enjoy some real ‘you’ time. The Italians have a wonderful word; asolare, which means ‘passing time in a delightful but meaningless way’. Maybe it’s time you did.

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