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Is New York an expensive city to stay? What can you do about it?

Updated on December 16, 2016

The economy has so much to do with the affordability that people often move out of here despite of their passion. Visiting New York is a dream come true for many people and some people only come here to see the fine night life and city dreams. But sometimes, the city becomes a little hard on them because of its expensive nature. So, what can you do about it? Well! Here are three tried things that will make your holiday a lot easier if you are visiting New York alone.


Check Discounts on Travel Websites

The travel industry is literally booming and there is no way you can't get any discount on travel websites. If one does not offer, then you can switch to some other website company that offers cheap trips to New York like Book In Style. You can get some very amazing deals if you search properly.

The plus point is that they save the hassle of booking a flight, then a hotel room and then conveyance. You just have to enter a your date and then you can compare the prices. Hotel deals change very quickly so always keep your eye on them.

Also, if you are unable to find anything suitable, then wait for a few days and keep checking.

Stay in a Nearby Area

New York itself is really expensive but the areas around it might be a little cheaper like New Jersey. It is only around 30 minutes from New York. So, if conveyance is not a bigger problem and staying is, then stay at an affordable area nearby.

If you don't know, then there are Waterfront Hotels present in New Jersey. They are cheaper. And that's not it, there are so many hotels you can check in to which are way cheaper than staying in a hotel in New York City.

Check for Hostels or Do Couch Surfing

These two are the cheapest yet two most amazing ways to survive as a tourist in New York City. There are so many students or travelers in New York who usually spare their couch or volunteer a bedroom for little money.

Same is the case with hostels. You usually share a bathroom and a room with a stranger. However, if you are here to visit New York for romantic purposes, then the hostel option is definitely a no-go for you.


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