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Scotland Weekend Getaway to the Isle of Skye and the magical Ferry Glen

Updated on December 16, 2009

Sunset over Uig

Sunset over Uig
Sunset over Uig

A visit to the Isle of Skye will not leave you disappointed if you're looking for a vibrant landscape of mountains, hills and cliffs, and a warm highland welcome.

The island is well known to tourists, however you still feel you can escape into the wilderness or simply mingle among locals in one of the small towns on the island. The island has population of only 9, 232 and 30% of the population speak Gaelic. These factors alone make a visit to Skye a different experience.



Portree is the main town on Skye, with a population of nearly 2,500. It's a small town which does a good job catering to the tourist population, which a number of restaurants with vast menu options, many Bed and Breakfasts, and express busses arriving in the town center from Glasgow, Inverness, Fort William, and local buses which go to the rest of Skye.

There are many walks nearby and boat tour options if looking for ways to spend your days in Portree.

Ferry Glen
Ferry Glen


Uig is a small town in the North Western part of Skye. A cozy little town with many B & Bs, and two great restaurants, The Ferry Inn and The Folly Restaurant - both worth a visit. Otherwise, if you find yourself in Uig, taking a walk through The Ferry Glen is very rewarding. Down a long quiet county you will know when you have found Ferry Glen. Any local can direct you here, or just remember "The first left after the Uig Hotel" and you'll find your way. The road goes behind the hotel, giving you a view over the whole area, and a waterfall off in the distance as you approach the Ferry Glen.

The beautiful Isle of Skye

Dunvegan Castle

 Another site worth seeing on Skye is Dunvegan Castle, in the town of Dunvegan.  The word "Dunvegan" itself means 'small castle' in Gaelic.  This castle is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland, and is home to the chief of the Clan MacLeod. 

A visit to Dunvegan would allow for a visit to the castle, boat trips on Loch Dunvegan, and hill walking in the nearby area.


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