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I Spa - Irvine CA

Updated on November 8, 2017
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


On a recent trip to Irvine, CA, I went to a Korean spa that is unique and a pleasant experience. I spent about 4 hours from start to finish. There is jacuzzi and steam room and sauna room to relax. Also, a shower area where you can sit and wash from head to toe. Massages are available for extra fee and also a barber for a haircut or a close shave. That is just the beginning.

- May 2017


A Korean spa is a unique experience. There are so much to do than just a massage and a bath. For a $25 entrance fee, you can soak in sauna and jacuzzi and wash yourself from head to toe and even shave in separate men's and women's section. There are two large TV rooms where you can relax in loungers. Afterwards, you can move to a common area where there is a gigantic room. The floor is all marble and heated. You can sit and meditate or sleep and just relax. On another room, there are 5 different rooms with different treatments. There is even an ice room.

If you are hungry, there is a food court where you can have some Korean meals or desserts.

Here are the details on each of the five rooms. They provide a slightly different experience with various therapeutic properties.

My Personal Favorite

My favorite room is the Ondol Room. It contains 12 different roots and herbs hanging on the ceiling. Combined with the heat, it is soothing and beneficial to your immune system. I also like the Ice Room to cool off in between the other rooms.


When you are in the Irvine area, I strongly recommend a visit to the Ispa. You will come away clean and relaxed. A good way to kill a few hours any time of the day or night.

The one item that may be uncomfortable for some is that no clothing of any sort is allowed in the jacuzzi area. Only towels are available and they are skimpy. These areas are separated by sex. Women and men have completely separate areas. The rest of the facilities are common to all sexes. You are issued pajamas to be worn in the common area. All other clothing and shoes are stored in your private locker. The only item allowed in is your cell phone.

They do have free wifi though it sort of defeats the whole purpose of this facility. It is a way to get away from all the modern technology and just relax and get cleaned.

© 2017 Jack Lee


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    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 7 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Your home is your castle, however, a Spa is a cheap way to experience luxury even if it is only for a few hours.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 7 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Home should be "a spa experience" too. A place to be clean, relax, and meditate without rushing to and fro. May it be so.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 7 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting. It does sound inviting.