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Israel Can No Longer Do What It Pleases, Turkey Claims

Updated on September 17, 2011

It seems Turkey, is acting like a real turkey. Despite it being a NATO member, its government has taken on the role of the challenger when it comes to Israel. Sort of like a "dark force" to protect the rights of the minority. It is all very odd. It all started with their ships trying to run a Israeli naval blockade of Gaza during the relief. A few Turks lost their lives because Turkey responded with the big FU and brought on the fight. Then, like a pissed off kid, the government demanded an apology for something they caused. Israel expressed regrets, but felt they were in the right defending their territorial waters. Now Turkey, is acting like a total jerk. The PM goes to Egypt and deliberately stirs up anti-Israeli emotions resulting in the Islamists ransacking the Israeli embassy. They seem to want to be the speaker of all Arabs and Muslims, citing historical ties.

Israel and Greece have since created a defense pact against Turkey. Greece and Turkey have a long history of bad blood since Greece invaded Turkey in 1919-21, trying to topple its government. Turkey celebrates its victory over them every year. Turkey has cited that some of the islands in Greek possession belong to Turkey and now have threaten to use its military might to retake them. Do they need them? Well, gas and oil might be the reason and this includes Cyprus, which both countries claim. Tension is building up among Greece, Turkey and Israel as Cyprus prepares to start exploratory drilling for gas offshore Monday, Sept. 19, and Turkey has sent a few naval frigates into the area. A new rig is moving from the Israeli gas field, also near Cyprus. Turkey questions the rights of Israel and Cyprus to drill for hydrocarbon reserves in the respective Exclusive Economic Zones approved by the UN. The huge Leviathan field Israel is developing in the eastern Mediterranean, has gas reserves calculated to be 8.5 trillion cubic feet. This would supply the entire US economy's needs for a year. Israel and Greece have now begun to coordinate their fleet movements in the eastern Mediterranean and around Cyprus.

Turkish troops and drilling equipment have been unloaded in North Cyprus and are preparing to drill in an area the UN has indicated is Cyprus'. Greece has warned Turkey not to try. If Turkey attacks the rig, owned by an American company, but under Cyprus control, Turkey is creating messy situation because both the US and Israel have interests.


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    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 6 years ago from Northern Germany

      I think Turkey holds quite a comfortable position in the near east. Turkey has its economy on the fast lane, has some laughs at the European Union for keeping them out (of the Euro and debt debacle) and certainly takes benefits from the multiple uprisings in Arab countries.

      And it is Israel who has to worry. For decades Israel had a big brother holding its shield over it. This is changing now. With revolutions in almost every Arab country in the Mediterranian, the US and Nato have to rework their strategies. Israel will not be the only friend any more.

      And the tragic infight and the political muscle showing between Turkey and Israel in the aftermath are initial signs for Israel loosing its exclusive shield.

      Amongst countries with Arab culture in the Near East and Mediterranian, Israel and Turkey are the only laicist nations. They have much in common, especially functioning economies, much more than with the other surrounding countries. They should be able to come to terms.

      If have the impression though, that the Netanyahu administration is getting nervous, well understanding the loss of big brother protection.


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Both are turkeys and Turkey is upset because the EU deidn't let them in. Now they want the Arab street on their side so they embrace the Palestinian cause. So they will be the leader of the Arab and Islamic countries of the world. Now they want the Gas Fields around Cyprus and Greece and Turkey who have no great love for each other are argueing over that. Greed and Egos. The U.S. will follow Isreal into hell if they go and the whole bunch are flirting with WWIII. With the UN being asked to admit the Palestinians the U.S. can veto their intry but the world will vote them in. Again we lose and the worlod laughs. Some one needs to call a "time out" and stop this pissing match before a lot of people get killed. They need to talk and listen to each other.