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Italian Vacation and Travel

Updated on February 1, 2012
Rialto bridge Venice Italy
Rialto bridge Venice Italy

Venice Italy Planning Your Sightseeing Day

This is one of my favorite pictures from my trip to Venice and is probably the most photographed bridge in Venice. The Rialto bridge is much bigger then it seem when you are going under it by waterbus. Once on the bridge itself you discover it is very wide with steps on both sides as well as the middle. The middle of the bridge is filled with an amazing array of small shops selling all sorts of merchandise. Since Venice is one of the top tourist destinations not only Italy but Europe you can hear people speaking in more languages then you can count. I read somewhere the average visitor to Venice only stays for one day and after staying three days I can't imagine being able to see much of Venice in one day.

While planning my vacation I decided which cities I want to see when I go on vacation, then I will spend a lot of time choosing what sites I want to see while I am there. I start by getting a good travel guide for the country I am going to and study it well. If I had not studied the guide book I would never have found out about the Doges palace in Venice and it is something everyone going to Venice should see. I don't normally bother trying to do this on the internet because there is so much to sift through. I do use the internet once I find a specific site I want to see if the guide doesn't have much information about it, often I just want to know a little history about it or how old the site is. After I have all my sites picked out I like to open my google maps account where I can mark each site on the map with a little balloon.

Gondolas In Venice
Gondolas In Venice

If I am going to be in a city for many days my map could become very full but the reason I do this is so I can group sites together. For example if I have 15 sites I want to see in 4 days it may seem like a lot, but by looking at all the sites on one map I can see how I could group them by location making it easy to get from one to the other. This also makes planning easier because you may have a few major attractions in an area with many smaller ones. You may want to spend a lot of time at the major site and a little time at the smaller ones one day or you may want to see the major sites one day and all the small sites the next. It is just much easier to plan your day when you can see everything you want to see on one map.

After I have grouped the sites I want to see together I will make a separate map for each group and now I have a map for each day. I don't normally go to the extent of deciding what day to see which sites unless I have purchased tickets online for a hard to get into museum for a specific date, I do that after getting to each city giving me the flexibility to change plans due to the weather. Planning your sightseeing day is only one aspect of planning a great vacation and once you start your research it may seem like work but it will all be well worth it with each flawless sightseeing day.

Edited David
Edited David

Florence Italy For The Day

Florence Italy was a favorite city of Michelangelo who spent many years working on some of his most famous works art like the sculpture of David. Michelangelo has great amounts of his art scattered throughout the many museums in Florence. I had the opportunity to see David when I was in Florence in 2007 and he is housed in the Accademia Gallery along with some of his other work of art.

I was amazed when I saw him being he was well over 20 feet high. Since there are large statues of David like the one pictured here scattered throughout the city of Florence I thought there were full size versions of the real one but they weren't even close. The most famous museum in Florence is the Uffizi gallery and we originally planned on going there but found out when we got to the museum it was so crowded they stopped selling tickets for the day and were already selling tickets for the next day. With all the research I had done when planning my vacation I found nothing saying the museum is sold out often and we weren't even there during high season. If I had any idea the Uffizi could be sold out I would have gone on the internet to one of the Italian city tour companies or museum booking companies and got tickets for the day we were in Florence.

IL Duomo
IL Duomo

Granted if we were going to be in Florence for two days we could have gone to the Uffizi the next day but we had ten days in Italy and wanted to stay in Venice for three and Rome for six. As I said before we planned everything and had plenty of time to see everything we wanted to see in Florence but with the sellout of the Uffizi we couldn't, but it did give us more time to spend at the other sites we wanted to see.

This is one of the main reasons I started my own travel site focused on Italy, in order to provide information like the Uffizi gallery gets sold out often. The only problem is I put up my site in August 2010 and in the 4 months it has been up I have got a whopping 85 visits and probably half of those were mine seeing if everything worked correctly. With that in mind I decided to put information on Hub pages. If people can't find my web site maybe they will read my hub page and get information here they could use to make their vacation better.

Some of the other famous sites to see in Florence are IL Duomo which is a huge cathedral in the main part of the city. Another major site to see is the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Just down the street from the bridge is the bell tower in Palazzo Vecchio, here you can see many painting for sale by local artists of just about any part of the city you could see and at a very good price. If you are planning an Italian vacation and are going to be in Florence for only a day be sure to do your research and fill your day with fun.


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      IGotSunshine 7 years ago from USA

      Nice first hub. Congratulations.

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      Liked this hub! very good for 1st one!

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