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Jazz, Blues, Traditional Live Music Thailand

Updated on December 3, 2012


Thailand is more than golden beaches, tropical weather, and beautiful blue oceans. If you visit Thailand, these delights are certainly must-dos, but you should also experience other delights that Thailand offers, including food and culture.

Travel and Seek

Thailand is home to a vibrant arts culture, and live music in Thailand in particular is especially colorful. When visiting Thailand, be sure to experience some live music and live entertainment. Opportunities to enjoy live music in Thailand are quite numerous. It is also surprisingly affordable to experience live music in Thailand. Often, the live entertainment will be free in many eating and drinking establishments.

The island of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand, which is close to the mainland town of mainland Surat Thani, is definitely worth checking out, as it boasts amazing beaches and coral reefs, and is one of the best places to experience live music in Thailand.

Live Music



Live music in Samui can be found easily. Clubs, restaurants, bars and cafes all over the island have some form of live entertainment. This music extends beyond local music, to include genres from all over the world, including jazz and blues. The international slant of the Samui's music scene reflects the international visitors and expatriates. However, aside from staying true to these traditional genres, you will see that live music in Thailand crosses genre lines, resulting in a unique sound and blend of genres. The music here is more than typical tropical island music – it is an amazing mix of multiple genres such as blues, jazz, pop, reggae, hip hop and many others! Samui blues, for example, is an interesting mix of traditional Samui and blues sounds. These exciting and unusual sounds are further proof that live music in Thailand is innovative.

Entertainment Samui hosts an annual music festival that has featured many talented, international musicians. Established musicians in various genres, as well as new indie bands, have all played live music in Thailand and Samui. Live music in Samui can be enjoyed in open air performance venues, as well as in eating and drinking establishments. Indeed, live music seems to drive the island of Samui!

 When you are making vacation plans, you should seriously consider Thailand. Not only are there white beaches, sunshine and blue oceans, there is also amazing live music and culture. Samui is a must-see spot in Thailand, as it's a great place to enjoy live music in Thailand.

Big Buddha Blues Band


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