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Jewelry of Bukharian

Updated on September 2, 2015


  Jewelry of Bukharian Jews


    Jewelry articles produced by Bukharian Jews are integral part of Central Asian art and culture.

   Generations of bukharian Jews were well-known in Central Asia as jewelers (the ancient profession mentioned in Tanach), but an interested scholar will not find any special publications on that subject, not in the former Soviet Union, nor in the United States or Europe. The subject of jewelry is mentioned rather briefly in some books, art catalogues on the history of Bukharian Jews.

However, some of the most popular jewelry we can found in many bukharian families around the world (Israel, Europe, CIS, USA...) Examples include as:

-halkai semarvorit (earrings with three pearls)

-halkai shishmarvorit (earrings with six pearls)

-halkai holagi (earrings with special “dot”)

- halkai tutti- (earrings in the shape of leaf of a mulberry tree)


- a dastpona sofigi- filigree bracelet

-tapish (pendant or necklace with pendant)

  Large numbers of jewelry article were made using the casting technique, as well as filigree.

Distinct types of earrings and bracelet and bracelets named by the place of origin were made in Bukhara.

Bukharian earrings were notable for their grace and high artistic taste with plenty of pearl mountings in addition to emerald and rubies. “Bukharian bracelets” were popular for their massive form and filigree ornaments. Among them were bracelets of lamellate shapes, covered by shallow engraving or carved ornament with plant motifs. 




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    • profile image

      eneva 8 years ago

      In N.Y.

    • profile image

      lauren Hyman 8 years ago

      where in usa can I find and purchase 19th century Bukharian eaarings as mentioned in your article? They are very special and I bought my first pair in TelAvivi,Israel.

      Thank you