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Jinzhou North Mount Putao Scenic Area

Updated on September 19, 2017
NaomiAdeniji profile image

Current fourth-year undergraduate studying Civil Engineering in China.


The mount Putao it is located in the Liaoning Jinzhou China. It's seven km northwest of the national level scenic spots and is one of Liaoning's top fifty favorite tourist locations. Jinzhou's North Mount Putuo covers an area of 27.26 square kilometers.

It has 1400 years of history which includes that of the South and north sea, the concept of Tai Chi and the boundlessness of longevity. It is manifested in the Avalokiteshvara temple, the north is a blessed spot, the sacred earth also known as the "the first cave" outside "first Foshan."

The coverage rate of green plants in North Mount Putuo is more than 95%. The oxygen content is 300 times higher than that in cities, and the negative oxygen ion content is 3000 times that of big and medium cities.

The human landscape and the natural landscape is a perfect combination. It is a comprehensive scenic spot for tourism Zen Buddha, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment and adventure as a whole.

The Experience

I went to Mount Putao twice as it is an extremely large place which I couldn't cover in one visit.

At the very entrance, there is a ticket office where you have to go purchase a ticket to be granted admission, the prices are as follows:

Price in Yuan
Admission ticket
per person
no of entrys
per person
per person
per person, per ride
A dollar is equal to 6.4 yuan

Ticket Discount

  • Children under the age of 6 or aged 7-18 under 1.3 meters tall get a free ticket.
  • Full-time bachelor degree students get a half prices ticket.
  • People over the age of 60 get a free ticket.
  • Servicemen or disabled people with valid documents get a free ticket


Before coming in make sure you have everything you'll need as there are barely any provision shops inside and the items sold there have outrageous prices.

Bring your basic items boots, hiking stick, and water.

At the gate, your ticket will be checked at which point you will be ushered in and whence your journey begins. You have the option to take the shuttle which will drop you off inside or you can hike from the main gate.

There are a couple of maps scattered along the way to make sure you don't get lost with your exact location at that moment specified on the map. Here is the map of Mount Putao

Upon entering the gate you are encountered with a scroll and a lake with little red fish.

There is a wooden walkway which takes you inside that is if you did not bring your own car or decide to take the shuttle, the entire journey in is about 500meters. It is not advised to walk on the main road.

You will encounter this magnificent view whilst on your way in.

Pictures of the Waterfalls

Pictures of the Landscape

The weird door looked inviting but I could not build up the courage to go into it, a side effect of too many horror movies.

Pictures of Carvings,Objects, gods and Statues

The picture which contains the padlocks I was told was a way to secure eternal love, the names of you and your loved one is written on it and padlocked to the enterance, there's also a temple there dedicated to it.

Funny Signs

I doubt you can go anywhere in China without finding English translations which will make you crack your ribs. Here are some I found.


It is beautiful, all natural and just enamoring. If you're a fan of nature, walking and beautiful sights this is a destination for you to visit.

© 2017 Naomi Adeniji


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