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John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) Rent A Car and Shuttle Finder/Planner

Updated on October 3, 2019

Welcome to the most complete, all inclusive, convenient, time friendly, and highly valued online car rental, limousine, and shuttle transportation planning page in existence anywhere on the web. The carefully refined and condensed culmination of my extensive on location travel experience combined with innumerable intensive hours of in depth, investigative, real time field research and virtual Internet due diligence. The following edition contains all the essential ingredients including frequently requested JFK Airport contact numbers, designed to empower time strapped consumers with the necessary resources, knowledge, and insight to swiftly secure compatible, budget friendly transportation services in a matter of minutes. I think you'll find the wealth of pertinent travel related information contained within this single web based module to be of considerable help during your vehicle price comparison and selection process, engineering of precise driving directions, adjusting itinerary time allocations, and budgetary planning considerations for your exciting trip to New York via JFK International Airport.

Recommendations and or ratings for specific car rental agencies, limousine/car hire companies, and or shuttle companies/franchises are not included in this planning oriented venue, however, by using the all inclusive menus and reference material below, you can swiftly and easily determine the perfect fit by identifying the service provider name, initiating contact with the preferred agencies by touch tone, and within virtual seconds, open a fact finding negotiations dialogue with a representative from any or all rental car companies that operate a branch office at John F Kennedy International Airport. By utilizing this single resource page, which eliminates the need for excessive, time consuming multiple venue visitation, the entire price and service comparison shop process from beginning to end, takes just minutes. You should be well positioned to gain immediate access to all the current real time actionable information necessary to help you achieve your ultimate goal, securing the best possible agreement to suit your individual needs.

After countless hours of travel related research, and as a result of depending almost exclusively on third party sources to "Rate and Recommend" specific ground transportation companies for the numerous trips I had embarked upon back in my fledgling learning curve years, in retrospect, I've come to the following logical conclusion. The one and only accurate judge of overall company performance, experience, and respective costs associated with the agreement is you, the consumer, the person who actually steps off an airplane and immediately enters the vehicle to attend a critically important formal business function or enjoy a relaxing, fun filled vacation. In light of these personal observations and insight, this page does not contain any recommendations or ratings pertaining to individual service providers but does however include all the necessary resources to enable you the consumer, to compare agencies first hand and make decisions accordingly without being influenced by a third party who may or may not rate services using the same or similar criteria. After all, opinions or recommendations are usually based upon one persons individual perspective and are essentially just that, opinions.

> Planning Tools

For your convenience and consideration, the entire list of JFK based rental car and shared ride shuttle choices, in addition to important airport terminal contact telephone numbers and route planning capability are all included in this one convenient information packed page. A user friendly format designed to assist time sensitive consumers and corporate travelers explore vehicle options by providing immediate access to a complete list of on site agencies for extensive comparison shopping prior to making a final booking decision. In addition to transportation planning for your trip, you can easily contact frequently searched departments at the airport via phone numbers provided, engineer virtual sight seeing reference guides, or, create precise driving directions to and from John F. Kennedy Airport or other places of interest by using the embedded map builder. All in one and all for you -



- 718 244-5406 <> 800 230-4898


- 718 656-1890 <> 800 527-0700


- 800 800-4000


- 718 553-7013 <> 800 736-8222


- 718 656-7600 <> 800 654-3131


- 718 632-8300 <> 888 826-6890

<> Parking INFO <>

- 347 238-3230 (Rates Press # 2)

- 347 238-3232 (Gen. INFO)

> Car Rental Counter / Courtesy Phone Locations - Arrivals Level / Near Baggage Carousel - Car Pickup at Federal Circle Station Via AirTrain -
> TIP - Engage Designated Ground Transportation Counters, Bus Stops, & Personell ONLY -

JFK Airport Limousine & Shuttle Companies:

<> PHONE 1 <>
<> PHONE 2 <>
Airlink New York
(877) 599-8200
(516) 285-1300
All Count Express
(800) 914-4223
Connecticut Limousine
(800) 472-5466
(203) 974-4700
Dave's Best Limo
(800) 255-2378
(215) 288-1000
ETS Air Shuttle
(718) 221-5341
Prime Time Shuttle
(800) 377-8745
(203) 891-1280
State Shuttle
(800) 427-3207
(973) 729-0030
Super Shuttle Long Island
(800) 742-9824
Super Shuttle Manhatten
(800) 258-3826
(212) BLUE VAN
Trans Brideg Bus Lines
(800) 962-9135
(908) 730-6552
Westchester Express
(866) 914-6800
(718) 276-6020
<> PHONE 1 <>
<> PHONE 2 <>
Carmel Super Saver
(800) 924-9954
(866) 666-6666
Dial 7 Car & Limousine
(800) 222-9888
(212) 777-8888
(800) 253-1443

> Regional Rental Car Market / NY Driving Overview

  • Welcome to the masterfully planned, mega metro affectionately known worldwide as the "Big Apple", located in the most densely populated of all fifty states in the nation. Proudly adorning the undisputed cultural, merchandising, and fashion trend setting crown as the great city of New York has for generations, clearly has its advantages, especially when the municipality's unparalleled site seeing diversity in all categories, acts as a major economic stimulus catalyst for the local tourism industry. New York City is irrefutably a magical place where droves of American History buffs merge with creative art enthusiasts and exceedingly eager shoppers, as if drawn to her irresistible charm by magnet, and then converge upon the region by the millions each year to warmly embrace and experience this truly unique, multi-dimensional, delightfully inspirational Goliath.

  • On the flip side of this highly anticipated and welcomed tourism infusion, which typically results in a perpetual economic and monetary windfall which in turn, is immediately funneled right back into the city for infrastructure improvements, is what many who frequent the city and adjacent areas would consider the most challenging ground travel environment you will find anywhere in the world, with the possible exception of a few excruciatingly over crowded metropolitans in China. The densely populated main arteries and secondary sub roadways typically provide the unfamiliar visitor with a confusing maze of directional coordination issues and commuter route mapping challenges, two primary contributing factors that can result in moderate to significant traffic congestion which can at times, lead to considerable travel related frustration. However, all things considered, unless places of interest or corporate gathering venues listed on your itinerary are conveniently situated within walking distance, "opting in" on the four wheeled mobile alternative to preserve precious time and energy which should ensure you get the maximum enjoyment or productivity out of your trip, might be one of the best ways to go. Especially when visiting a massive bustling metropolitan like New York.

  • The relatively small geographical land mass on which the entire city and adjacent areas rest upon, in comparison to the extraordinarily large number of people who live, conduct private, corporate, and political business, and of course visit on a daily basis, inherently presents a unique set of logistical challenges which are for the most part according to sources, met with exceedingly successful commuter vehicle channeling outcomes, albeit these precise traffic orchestrations are usually not achieved without minor to moderate time delays. The immediate and adjacent areas within a reasonable distance surrounding JFK Airport is typical "New York", comprised of one of the most elaborate, sophisticated, and all variables considered, extremely efficient transportation systems in the entire country. A solid infrastructure that appears to be fully capable of overcoming all challenges and one that offers just about every conceivable commuter option to domestic and international visitors who always seem to bring with them a diverse range of travel related requirements.

  • Three of the more convenient and most popular modes of transportation which are designed specifically for daily intercity commuting in and around the New York City area, are primarily the use of a rental car, taxi, and public transit bus. Even though the clock consuming, intermittently suffocating traffic congestion can at times seem barely tolerable for inexperienced out of town drivers who may not be acclimated to the somewhat intimidating driving task of simply maneuvering from one end of the city to the next without incident, after carefully considering the remaining options, enduring the novel driving experience coupled with the additional budgetary expense incurred for securing a rented vehicle that is ready when you are for the duration of an extended trip, can potentially end up saving a considerable amount of time, energy, and in some cases money in the long run. Especially when compared to alternative choices such as flat or metered rate taxi service, or what some commuters tout as "moderately inconvenient" public transit.

  • Demand for rental cars in the New York City area is always expected to be robust regardless of the calendar season. This economic scenario is primarily due to tourism aspects, and this anticipated influx of visitors typically creates an impenetrable floor underprice points which tend to maintain a sustained level near the upper echelon of the range as compared to the majority of other markets throughout the nation, with the possible exceptions of California and Florida. Two year round mild climate havens that always attract a comparable number of tourists. By almost all measures, New York is unquestionably one of the most popular national focal points, attracting millions of casual and corporate travelers annually, along with a substantial number of domestic and international politicians who arrive daily to attend politically oriented gatherings. All are significant underlying economic driving factors which seem to justify a premium paid for ground transportation in and around the "Big Apple". Expect to pay top dollar for transportation, but embrace a discount if it happens to come your way.


John F Kennedy International Airport:
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Jamaica, NY 11430, USA

get directions

JFK Airport Address

Expy & S Cargo Rd

Jamaica, NY 11430

  • Phone: (718) 244-4444

Lost & Found

  • Phone: (718) 244-4335

NYC Transit Bus Srvc.

  • Phone: (718) 330-1234

Port Auth. Bus Term. (PABT)

  • Phone: (212) 564-8484

- Important Landmarks -
- Phone -
- Bayonne Bridge
(718) 390-2502
- G. Wash. Bridge
(201) 346-4100
- Goethals Bridge
(718) 390-2502
- Holland Tunnel
(201) 360-5000
- Lincoln Tunnel
(201) 617-8115
- Outerbridge Crossing
(718) 390-2502
<> All Articles Written, Designed, & Created by Alternative Prime <> All Rights Reserved <>
<> Original Custom Images Created by Alternative Prime <> All Rights Reserved <>
Thanks for visiting and utilizing the valuable features embedded in this planning page - Have a suggestion that you would like to see incorporated into this or possibly future "Finder/Planner" comparison shopping editions? Feel free to contact me with details pertaining to your recommendation and I will consider implementing if the idea is feasible and makes sense within the overall design & structure - Please be patient for a response as I receive an overwhelming amount of correspondence from visitors who would simply like to express their thanks for making this important segment of trip planning easier and considerably more time friendly -

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