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Julio's Famous Pizzeria Inc in Fairless Hills PA: Home of the Ginacotti

Updated on July 1, 2011

Julio's Famous Pizzeria in Fairless Hills PA is a must for anyone passing through the area.  It is a small pizzeria in Queen Anne Plaza shopping strip along the Levittown Parkway.  Although the restaurant has expanded over the years, it is still a small family friendly place with a homey atmosphere.  In addition to the restaurant seating, they also do a huge business in take-out.  

Fairless Hills, PA

A markerQueen Anne Plz Fairless Hills PA, 19030 -
Queen Anne Plaza Shopping Center, Fairless Hills, PA 19030, USA
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Julio's Famous Pizzeria. Queen Anne Plaza Shopping Center, Fairless Hills, PA

Ginacotti from Julio's Famous Pizzeria
Ginacotti from Julio's Famous Pizzeria

Julio's Famous Pizzeria - Ginacotti

The Ginacotti is a must have when visiting Julio's Famous Pizzeria for the first time -or any time for that matter!  Basically, it is a pizza that has been folded in half, edges curled and the entire thing is deep fried.  What you get is a crunchy outside shell and a gooey, cheesy inside.  As soon as you start cutting into your Ginacotti steam begins to pour out and the cheese and sauce begins to ooze onto your plate.

Whatever topping you can get on a pizza can go inside the Ginacotti prior to the deep fry process.  Meatballs, pepperoni, sausage, and even anchovies!  They are melt-in-your mouth goodness.  Not exactly the healthiest thing to eat, but who goes to a pizzeria for healthy food?

I've tried other places that attempt to make the Ginacotti, or something similar to it, but so far I have yet to find another place that can match or surpass the Julio's Famous Pizzeria Ginacotti.

Julio's Famous Pizzeria - Steak In A Pouch!

Another unique item that Julio's is famous for is their Steaks In A Pouch.  Instead of the typical steak rolls, they put their steaks in pita type pouches.  The bread itself does not taste like a pita though, and each pouch is about the same size as a Ginacotti.  Each pouch is stuffed to the top with steak and whatever else you want in the sandwich.

In addition to steaks in a pouch, they offer most of their hot sandwiches that way as well, including meatballs in a pouch.  For a suburb of Philadelphia, you would think nobody would be interested in having their cheese steak in a pouch.  Seriously, we have the best steak rolls in the country!  But the pouch styled cheese steaks are their second best seller -second only after their Ginacotti!

Julio's Famous Pizzeria - Pizza and More

Since Julio's is a pizzeria, they do sell pizza as well.  It is not my favorite place to go for pizza, but their vegetable pizza gets rave reviews from everyone I've ever talked to.  They make a small individual pizza that the kids love.

Julio's Famous PIzzeria is a unique and interesting place to visit.  Many of the people that work there have been there for years.  Everyone is friendly, helpful, and pleasant to be around.  My father took me there for the first time 30 years ago, and I still come back to it every once in a while.  I now live over an hour away, and used to order take out when I was pregnant with my first child.  Yes, my Ginacotti was cold when I got home, but it was well worth the two hour round trip drive!

You will not leave Julio's still feeling hungry, more than likely you will be leaving with a take out box!


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