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Philippine Women K1- Visa Online Dating and Chat Scam.

Updated on July 18, 2017

Beautiful Philippines

K-1 Visa Back Ground

I went through the K1 - Visa process back in 1997. I have also helped several friends including my cousin apply and successfully go through the K-1 process. On the downside, I had the misfortune of witnessing my close friend Bob fall victim to the K-1 Visa scam. Computer access even in remote areas of the world have turned online romance into a cottage industry for scammers. Whether it's a jungle hut with computer access or a sophisticated online dating site, the scammers cover the globe from Russia, South America to Southeast Asia they are online looking to scam lonely people looking for love.

Back Drop

Bob and I are very close friends dating back to are college days, So, I was keenly aware of events taking place in his life. Bob had recently lost his wife, she was only 44 years old. He had a great marriage and was devastated by her passing. Roughly four years had passed since her death and when the topic of dating would come up he would aways say he was struggling with the idea. One day, Bob went to work and at lunch time he sat down at a table with some friends. One of the guys brings out a magazine with pictures and addresses of girls from the Philippines who were looking for mates. Bob shows interest in the magazine so the guy ends up giving it to him. Bob gives me a call to see if we can get together for lunch, he sounds excited about something and says he has something interesting to show me. The following day at the restaurant he showed me the magazine and asked for my opinion. I said, what do you have to lose give it a try to see what happens.The process of contacting the girls seemed simple enough, once you bought a subscription you had access to all the pictures and addresses to write them. This was good old fashioned pen pal writing, this is how you courted someone from across the country or overseas, long before people had computers, e-mail, Skype, etc.

Bobs K-1 Visa Scam Gets Off The Ground And Running

So the process begins. Bob sends out some letters and after a few weeks he starts receiving some letters back. The first letters he got back were introduction form letters that the dating company had given the girls. The letters all started out with the same greeting. Dear Master Bob, thank you for writing and so on. The letters obviously were meant to sound very submissive and went on to say. They were, sincere, loving, loyal, ladies interested in marriage and starting a family, and were looking for the same in a man. Bob starts combing though the letters he had received over the weeks and focuses in on a girl named Peachy. This girl was 22 years old (or so she said) and from Cebu and she just happened to be one of the prettiest girls in the magazine. Unfortunately for Bob, that didn't give him any reason for pause. One can only imagine how many men must have written to Peachy. This girl didn't waist any time, within two weeks she was telling Bob that was he was the lucky one and she got rid of all the other guys. She immediately( the gravy train begins) starts asking for small amounts of money, Bob complies and from this point forward starts sending more and more money. Bob was the perfect victim for this scam because, he couldn't fly over there immediately to meet her. Now I know, that's not always possible most people just can't drop everything in a moments notice to fly halfway around the world. That said, you should make every effort to go see and (ASAP) spend time with her, so you can get a better sense of weather she's legitimate or not. It ended up taking Bob well over a year to plan and save money for the trip, this worked out perfect for Peachy because, It gave her plenty of time to milk him for everything she could get. After six months of writing and talking on the phone things were heating up between the two of them. The letters and pictures she was sending became very risqué. Bob of course got very excited, so without even meeting her yet he wanted to seal the deal, so he calls Peachy and asks for her hand in marriage and she gladly excepts. He now goes and buys her a nice engagement ring and sends it over to her by FedEx. Peachy gets the ring and is elated, she even puts her mother on the phone ( or so she says) to tell him how happy she is for both of them and she's looking forward to see Bob.

Now the scam kicks into high gear. Now that their engaged, Peachy calls him up one day crying and gives him a big sob story. My mother has become very ill and needs emergency major surgery, but they have no money to save her. Bob is so convinced that this girl is going to be is his future wife, he gladly forks over the money to save Mom. He later receives the great news that the surgery went well and Mom is so grateful. Finally the time has come, Bob calls me with some great news, we have finally set a date to fly over and meet. Anticipating his flight over she tells Bob, I need money to rent a room and stock the love nest so everything is ready for you on arrival. Bob buys a round-trip airline ticket, luggage, etc he packs his bags and is ready to go. Bob has now sent her roughly 15.000 dollars.

The big day is here, he calls her the day of the flight to let her know, Honey I will see you soon, and then the (Bomb Drops). Peachy calmly tells Bob, don't come I won't be here and that she doesn't want him. She then has the nerve to say, she has lots of friends she could hook him up with. She then admits she works for a guy named Dave and that he runs a local tour company out of Cebu for men looking for Filipino wives. She tells Bob, I can hook you up with Dave and he can sell you a tour to come here and meet of all the girls. Bob was stunned.

Sixteen years later, Bob is still stunned and alone, he totally gave up on his dream of trying to find an overseas bride. It's a shame because Bob is a super nice guy and would've made some gal a really great husband. Unfortunately for him, he got tangled up with the wrong girl who knew how to work this scam to perfection. After it was all said and done, We did a bit of research into Dave's tour company in Cebu. We discovered that Dave was selling tours to Americans, Australians, Brits, etc. the tours were sold as package deals including air tickets, hotel accommodations with meets and greets with groups of Filipino women who supposedly were eligible brides to be. The reality is, these so-called tours would fly the men into Cebu. Once settled in, the guys were introduced to Dave's groups of local prostitutes for the first couple of days and then left on their own for the rest of the week.


Filipino Lady

Key Sign Things Just Aren't Adding Up

    1. Immediately starts asking for money or gifts.
    2. Get very upset with you if you say no
    3. Girls from online dating sites try to direct you to their private cam service for money.
    4. Girls won't give you a way to contact them off the dating site no phone number, or address.
    5. After you have communicated with a girl for a long time, she doesn't clearly remember essential details of your conversations. She is most likely confused from all the active communicating with so many men.
    6. Lots of time restrictions and rules about when you can and cannot contact them, or they can't be contacted at all for long periods of time.
    7. They become much more demanding over the course of the relationship wanting large amounts of money for things like car repairs, rent and medical emergencies for them or parents.
    8. Ask them what they like to do in their spare time. If they say things like shopping for clothes, buying jewelry, eating out at expensive restaurants, very superficial things. These are big red flags.
    9. Can you send money so I can talk sexy to you tonight on the phone.
    10. They are willing to expose themselves on chat cams, Skype, etc.
    11. They ask you, to expose yourself. This is very foolish and dangerous because it can lead to blackmail.
    12. They make it very clear and graphic early on that once you visit them, or once they get to the USA on a K-1 visa they are going to make all of your sexual dreams come true.
    13. Sudden disruptions in the visa process such as constantly miss placing, losing, or forgetting documents is a big red flag they are probably just pocketing the money.
    14. She becomes very demanding and possessive of you. She makes it very clear she does not want you to contact or communicate with any other girls.
    15. She will not let you visit or talk to any of her family members.
    16. They refuse to video chat with you. There hiding something bio picture could be fake they are not who they say they are.
    17. Be careful theirs lots of gays/ Ladyboys on these sites pretending to be girls.

Don't Let This Dissuade You

The purpose of this piece is not to dissuade you but to arm you with some basic knowledge. Think it through, don't just throw caution to the wind and get yourself into something you might regret. By all means explore all your options, and for heavens sake don't lock yourself into the very first girl you come in contact with. In fact, my advice is start out communicating with lots of different ladies. This is a great opportunity to learn about all the differences between the girls. You will quickly be able to discern the difference between the girls that are husters and the ones sincerely looking for a serious relationship.

My last tips, "all is fare in love and war". You can always set up an alias account in some situations. This lets you chat with the girls while pretending to be someone else. Example, if she is telling you she's all yours but you have your doubts . You can use your alias profile to see if she's running a game and telling your alias the same thing. It certainly is not unusual for a girl to be chatting with lots of different men, However, as time goes buy she should start to signal you that she has dropped all of the other men and has focus in on you. If she doesn't signal this or is vague if questioned about it, that's is not a good sign. Another good way to limit your exposure to scammers, let them know right away that your going to be traveling to their country in a few weeks for vacation. This alone will scare off many scammers they will quickly move on to someone else. Many scammers wouldn't bother with you because there's no time to milk you, and they certainly wouldn't want you showing up at there door so quickly.

Chat Scam Info

Here's a few things you could run into on dating sites especially when on overseas dating sites. Many of these dating sites have pictures of girls on their site that are fake, so are the people you could be chatting with. Example, when you log in to their site and want to talk to lets say Mary. The service keeps a chat log of every conversation you've ever had with Mary. If Mary's not available that's no problem they will just have another girl pose as Mary. She can pick up on the chat log right where you last left off and you won't have a clue your chatting with different girl. Beware, many of the girls on these dating site are professional video strippers that will try to luring you to their own cams to make money. Girls that have their own computers or use an internet cafe need to buy (load) or pay the cafe for time spent on the computers. Based on this need, they will start asking you for money so they can stay online and chat with you. Problem is, they can be chatting and charging five other guys while chatting with you. Lets do the math, they will hit you and every other guy up for 500 or 1000 Pesos, and lets say it costs them a 100 pesos to use the computer for the day. That's not a bad profit for a days work in the Philippines. For many girls, this is their everyday job and you will never ever meet them. I hope you enjoyed the article and got some useful tips.


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