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A Review of the Kadena Marina Beach - Okinawa Japan

Updated on August 23, 2012

The Kadena Marina on Okinawa

The Kadena Marina is a small facility located on the island of Okinawa near gate 1 of Kadena Air Force Base. The Kadena Marina serves a number of purposes, most notably providing a marina, beach and wide variety of recreational activities for the American Military on Okinawa.

There are marina spaces available for rent for individuals with boats and there are quite a few boats already located there.

Some are sailboats, others meant for fishing. Some are for renting or charter trips, while other boats are privately owned.

Kadena Marina Beach and Island
Kadena Marina Beach and Island | Source

The Kadena Marina Beach

The Kadena Marina beach is a modest beach with smooth sand and a netted swimming area to protect swimmers from contacting any unwanted sea life such as jellyfish.

There are plenty of parking spaces less than 30 feet from the beach giving easy access to all beach goers.

For anyone looking for a more American-style beach, the Kadena Marina beach is a good choice because it is predominantly used by Americans and usually has Lifeguards on duty during the summer months.

The Kadena Marina is not only conveniently located, it also offers a picturesque view of a small island located in the center of the little harbor. Plus, the beach and boats provide plenty of other photo opportunities for anyone with an eye for that.

Sing for the Kadena Marina
Sing for the Kadena Marina
Skimboarding at the Kadena Marina with beach, volleyball net, and pavilions in  background
Skimboarding at the Kadena Marina with beach, volleyball net, and pavilions in background | Source
Taking a trip out into the ocean around Kadena Marina in a sailboat rented from the Marina
Taking a trip out into the ocean around Kadena Marina in a sailboat rented from the Marina | Source

Things to do at Kadena Marina Beach

The Kadena Marina offers a huge number of services and things to do. Ranging from the beach, to the restaurant, to the marina or the scuba locker, there are so many possibilities it makes Kadena marina a one stop shop for beach and water recreation.

Here are just a few of the many things to do at the Kadena Marina:

  • Hang out at the beach
  • Play volleyball at the sand court
  • Rent snorkel or scuba equipment at the Scuba Locker
  • Go snorkeling
  • Take surfing lessons
  • Enjoy a meal sitting on the deck overlooking the marina at the Seaside Restaurant
  • Take sailing lessons and rent a boat
  • Charter a fishing trip
  • Go Skimboarding at the beach
  • Relax and suntan while reading a book on the smooth sand
  • Have a picnic, BBQ or party at one of the pavilions located yards from the beach
  • Get new snorkel gear at the Scuba Locker

As you can imagine, there are plenty of things to keep almost anyone entertained at Kadena Marina Beach.

One of my favorite things to do at the Kadena Marina beach is Skimboarding. Although the beach is on the small side, it has smooth sand and is a great Skimboarding beach when there are few people around.

Another popular activity is Spearfishing, but I would not suggest this in the confined area of Kadena Marina, it is better to go to places with open areas and less people.

BBQ at Kadena Marina Beach

The Kadena Marina is a perfect place for beach BBQ’s because of the covered pavilions, tables and stationary grills just yards from the beach.

I have been to plenty of BBQ’s at Kadena Marina and they are always enjoyable because of the many activates available for those who attend.

The pavilions and grills can be reserved for a small fee from the Air Force recreation services located on Kadena AFB.

For anyone who does not want to make their own food, there is the Seaside Restaurant which provides a full selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as well as a Sunday buffet. The views from the deck of the Seaside Restaurant are beautiful and overlook the beach and marina. For anyone looking for a fun restaurant with a great view, the Seaside Restaurant is a fine place.

My Review of Kadena Marina Beach

The Kadena Marina beach is a safe, secure beach for a simple day or afternoon trip. The small size and netted swimming area makes it good for families with younger children. The wide variety of beach and water activities, including kayak and Jet Ski rentals, provide more than enough to keep older children and adults occupied for hours.

The location of Kadena Marina in the middle of the island near Kadena AFB makes it easily accessible for large gatherings or BBQ’s. I have often seen large military get-togethers or parties held there.

Overall, Kadena Marina is a fine location. For those who might be looking for a larger beach, more seclusion, or simply different scenery, I recommend traveling north to the many deserted beaches on the northern parts of Okinawa. Or even visit Okuma, which is less conveniently located, but has as many or more things to do as Kadena Marina.

Where is Kadena Marina Located?

The Kadena Marina is conveniently located just a few minutes north on Highway 58 if you are leaving Kadena Gate 1. It will be on your left before you reach a large shopping area. It can be a little difficult to notice, but there is a sign directing you to its location.

Located just a little further north is a large shopping area with a many different Japanese stores. These offer a change of pace for anyone tired of hanging out at the beach, and even provide several restaurant options. My favorite place to eat is CoCo’s Curry, which is located near the shopping area on the left side of the road along HWY 58.

Okinawa, Japan

A markerOkinawa, Japan -
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The Island of Okinawa, Japan


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  • kashmir56 profile image

    Thomas Silvia 4 years ago from Massachusetts

    This is such a great review of Kadena Marina Beach, a lot of this i did not know before. Thanks for helping me learn more about Kadena Marina Beach !

    Vote up and more !!!

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    kashmir56 - Well, thank you for dropping by and reading!

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

    Skimboarding and spearfishing -- what comes next? You are so amazing! I am enjoying this series and am just minutes away from there in my dreams.

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    teaches12345 -Aren't we all minutes away from the beach, whether in real life or our dreams? Thanks so much for your great comment!

  • Faceless39 profile image

    Faceless39 4 years ago from The North Woods, USA

    What a beautiful beach, and a nice rundown of all the fun things we can do there. Love the images as well.

    Voted up, useful, and interesting.

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    Faceless39 - Thanks! It is a fun place with a lot to do!

  • profile image

    Deb Welch 4 years ago

    Visiting Japan is on my Bucket List. This is an awesome beach on The Island of Okinawa,interesting Hub. Thank you.

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    Thanks for dropping by Deb, and I fully recommend visiting Okinawa. There are easily 20-30 beaches better than this one all over the island, and there are many other small islands all around the area. This beach is very convenient for military people, which is why I wanted to write about it. Thanks for your comment!

  • isenhower33 profile image

    Bobby Isenhower 4 years ago from Crothersville, IN

    When you inviting me to the beach? :)

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