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Kerala Backwater Tours in India

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Kerala Images

Homestay in kerala
Homestay in kerala | Source

Kerala State

Situated in Southern India, Kerala prides itself on being the top most tourism destination. The State lies fringed with the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea on Western End. On other side it is bounded by Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states of India.

The expanse of Western Ghat (Mountain Range) accords the state pristine glory and a verdant landscape. Kerala has a unique topography that consists of extensive river systems and tropical greenery. Except for the Western Ghats, the rest of the state lies in low lands that support a large hub of civilization.

Kerala was a hub of trading activity during the ancient time. The cultivation of spices drew many traders from many parts of the Globe. Initially spice trade was the monopoly of Arabs but with the arrival of the Europeans namely Portuguese, British and the Dutch the dynamics changed. The impact of the visitors and immigrants from the bygone era is clearly visible on the cultural countenance of the state and its architecture.

The language spoken is called Malayali besides which English is also popular. The mixed ethnicity and cultures add to the diverse profiles of the tourism state. People follow many religions and traditions here but live in total peace.

Sea food and coconut milk are main ingredient in Malayali Cuisine. The food can be very spicy especially the curries. Local spices add to the flavor of the curries.

The state excels in tourist arrivals thanks to its unique location, extraordinary culture and sound infrastructure.

Onam Feast

Onam Feast
Onam Feast | Source

Backwater Photo

Backwater Spread at Kerala
Backwater Spread at Kerala | Source

Kerala Backwaters

The complex river systems, estuaries, lakes, lagoons have given rise to many interconnected waterways. These waterways are called backwater and support civilisation that depend upon them for subsistence.

The backwaters accord serene ambience and panoramic magnificence that makes the state enchanting and exotic. These water systems are a paradise for tourists from all over India and abroad. The boating experience is unique and full of pleasure. The resplendent countryside along the waterways present the true picture of rustic Malayali lifestyle. The rice fields, fishermen with Chinese fishing nets, sleepy villages; small transports, luxury home stays and resorts all engage you as you sail through.

The greenery is striking. The palm groves on the banks, quaint sleepy villages and verdant rice fields are an impressive sight to behold. The waterfronts in the different part of the State vary to some extent hence choose your own lot. One need not use a houseboat since it could cost more. The backwaters could be explored on ferries that ply to various destinations. You can also take a ride on small canoes and row boats.

The boat tours begin from many starting point in the state can can be of various duration The tour operator offer various packages which cane be luxurious or within budget. Some of the popular destinations for these recreation ventures are:

  • Cochin
  • Alleppey
  • Kottayam
  • Ernakulam
  • Kollum
  • Kasargod

There is much more than this list of destinations. Each offers something unique and delightful to the visitors.

House Boat

House Boat on Backwaters
House Boat on Backwaters | Source

Kettuvalems - Houseboats

These were the vehicles of transportation before turning into tourist boats. The boats are equipped with all modern amenities, dining and accommodation facility. The vessels are made up of coir which is available locally.

The present day floating resorts are large with greater capacity to accommodate tourists in groups. These are practically well equipped resorts on waters. The food is served fresh and includes lot of seafood, it can be spicy, flavorful and mind bogglingly delicious as the Malayali cuisine is.

On large luxury houseboats there are many places to relax. The lazy chairs on the deck and sit outs are of good use. You can relax, peek unto the banks and see the beautiful landscape slide past. The serene ambiance, fresh unpolluted air, pleasing sites, fresh fruits are all packages of remedy for sound health and to keep the mind at peace.

Boat in Backwater

Boat in Kerala backwater
Boat in Kerala backwater | Source

Backwater Video

Kerala Photo

Boat on the river in Kerala
Boat on the river in Kerala
Kerala Village
Kerala Village | Source

Interesting Tourism Destinations

Apart from backwater tourism the State of Kerala has much to offer. The state has a long shore line with some of the finest soft sand beaches. These are home to many resorts and Ayurvedic Spas for treatments.

The finest holiday tour would comprise of sight seeing, visiting historic monuments, wildlife watching, backwater and going in for wellness programs in the spa resorts. The Malayali Cuisine is World Renowned for wide variety of curries and sea food. The tourist find the cuisine a gastronomic pleasure and many go back addicted.

Another appealing feature is the presence of Western Ghats in the East. They are known for the verdant greenery of dense forests and wildlife. The hills are home to tigers, wild elephants, bison and hundreds of species of birds. The state is home to many endemic species of birds and animals. Some of the major National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries are found here.

As you sail past you will come across many shore birds. In case if you halt at a home stay on the way the gardens and sanctuaries nearby offer lot of scope for bird watching in Kerala.

Backwater Birds

Birding at Backwater
Birding at Backwater | Source

House Boat Tourism

In order to take a holiday in the State of Kerala the packaged tours are the best. There are many top rated tour operators in India that organize the trips on backwater. You can choose the package tour on houseboat that suits you the best.

The popular Kerala package tours are conducted in various parts of the backwaters. The duration may vary and so will the cost. It is necessary to find all about the tour operator, packages and destinations offered in the itinerary. There is a lot of information available on the Net which can be a useful guide to travel to Kerala.

Church at backwaters

Church in Backwater Source
Church in Backwater Source | Source

Palm Fringed Backwaters

Palm lined shores
Palm lined shores | Source


Fishing in Backwaters
Fishing in Backwaters | Source

Location Map

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    • profile image

      Joseph 3 years ago

      Top reasons for the below par pramoefrnce of the Indian tourism sector?Is it that difficult to figure out really? Lets see here are some reasons in no particular order1) Horrendous traffic in cities2) Unbeathable air in cities due to #12) Filthy cities with trash thrown on the streets3) Touts and beggars harassing foreigners .people out to cheat you and rip you off everywhere you turn4) People defecating in the streets.5) No 911 or good emergency services6) Water shortages. Electricity blackouts. Pollution issues7) People throwing plastic bags, wrappers and bottles even in religious or historical places. (First teach the average desi some basic civic sense then worry about tourism.)8) Overcrowding at tourist spots or national parks9) Formerly good mountain retreats or forests now becoming too touristy due to uncontrolled development.10) National parks becoming not good to visit due to poaching, maoist insurgencies, or deforestation by overpopulating villagers for firewood.I could go on and on but you get the point I think. Its no surprise then that China's annual tourist visitor number is 10 times more than India's (54 million vs 5 million) I bet you 4 of the 5 million is expat Indians visiting from abroad. I dont think the problem is due to not promoting yourself adequately .its just that you dont have a great package to promote.

    • pateluday profile image

      Uday Patel 6 years ago from Jabalpur, MP, India

      Dear Paul


      In spite of the mishap I hope you enjoyed the tour to Kerala.

    • PaulStaley1 profile image

      PaulStaley1 6 years ago from With the wind---(or against it)

      Namascar! I love Kerala---I went on a boat tour---boat broke down and drifted to the shore----I almost jumped to land---a guy said, "hey! watch out there are tons of snakes" I stayed on the boat! Viva India!