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Kings Beach, Queensland Australia

Updated on November 8, 2014

Affordable Honeymoon, Vacation, or Weekend Get-Away

Kings beach is located in Caloundra, which is on the Sunshine coast in Queensland Australia.

Aside from the Pacific ocean itself, there is also a beach-front saltwater pool. The area is truly beautiful!

I really enjoy the unspoiled beaches, and while Kings beach is populated with plenty of hotels and homes surrounding the area, it's still a striking beauty with all the conveniences around you.

I have a sentimental value attached to this beach because it was the view from our hotel on our honeymoon, from inside the room as well as out on the veranda. I loved going out and looking at the beach every morning and evening.

It felt so peaceful watching the kites flying, people walking and jogging, bands playing, and the Ferris wheel spinning at night, among other entertainment in the evening. If you like people watching, it's the place to be.

We would go down to street level for our meals and/or a fresh brewed coffee anytime, or we could take a short drive to Caloundra and have our pick of several places to dine at, any time of the day.

It was like living a dream, waking up and having my coffee overlooking the beach. Later in the day, we would travel a short distance to Mooloolah, to get fresh prawns from the seafood shop, then to the bakery for fresh rolls, and lastly the bottle shop for a nice bottle of champagne for lunch.

The fresh prawns are the best! Having lived my whole life in upstate New York, and not traveled, coming to Australia really held a lot of "first's" for me, and one of those was the first time I tasted a "fresh" prawn. I had no idea how firm, salty and sweet they really are. Most of the "shrimp" I ate in New York, were paler in colour, and tasted really bland in comparison. I'd describe them as watered down shrimp. They also have banana shrimp here that are great for making shrimp scampi. Tiger prawns are also very good and one of the best for eating cold with savoury sauce.

Naturally we went to the beach every day and walked the beach several times in the evening. We got up early one morning to get a photograph of the sunrise. I'm a real beach lover so I thoroughly took in the smell of the sea air, dug my toes into the sand and enjoyed the feeling of the morning dew on my skin, all for about 5 minutes, having a bit of a sunburn, I was getting chilly and quickly retreated back to our room, yep! I practically ran :-)

This is where we were when we found the Mexican restaurant in Caloundra, which was very good and good value. I was happily surprised to even find one. The only thing I found fault with, was their daiquiris, instead of using a sweet rum, they were using something else and they were not enjoyable, so we sent ours back as I explained that whenever I have had ordered them, they always had some sweetness to them because they were made with a sweet rum like Puerto Rican rum. She offered to make new ones with a sweeter rum and when we got them, they were SPOT on!

I have posted some photographs as well as a video on Kings beach and Caloundra.

It's definitely worth the trip!

Kings Beach

Sunrise | Source
Ferris Wheel we saw when they had the Caloundra festival in front of the beach.
Ferris Wheel we saw when they had the Caloundra festival in front of the beach. | Source
Kings beach
Kings beach | Source
Kings beach
Kings beach | Source

Places to eat and things to do

One of the places we frequented while there was "The Naked Turtle Cafe Bar" because it was downstairs from our hotel. They had a really good breakfast and nice dinners. They are a function Centre, Restaurant and a fully licensed bar.

Montezuma's is the Mexican Restaurant in Caloundra I'd been writing about. I really enjoyed their food and the atmosphere. Their meals are prepared using locally grown ingredients when possible, they have vegetarian dishes and a lil amigo's menu.

There are many other places to eat, I'll name a few of them here, though we did not frequent them.

Alfie's Moo Char and Bar which is a steak and fresh seafood house that overlooks Bullock beach. They are available for function for groups up to 110 people.

Domenico's Italian Restaurant, serves breakfast, lunch, and full dinner menu at night. They also have a beach menu for burgers and such.

Mahalo Beach cafe, who cater to the Gluten intolerant, use only free range eggs and do not serve hormone or chemical meat. They also advertise having a big variety of sweets for dessert.

For things to do, aside from the beach or beach-front salt water pool;

Golfing, Jet Skiing, skydiving, museum, street fairs, Kayaking, day spas, massage, and cruises.

You can also book for a whale watching tour. The things to see, experience, and do are endless on the Sunshine Coast!



Kings Beach

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Quick rundown

Kings Beach is located in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.

There is plenty of accommodation, places to eat and things to do.

There is a beach-front salt water pool for those who prefer.

Very kid friendly and there is also a dog friendly beach just a few minutes away, Dickey beach.

The weather is beautiful from October to around May. Season is opposite of USA. When you are having fall and winter, we are having spring and summer.

If you have any questions about my experience there, please feel free to ask.

Some of the things I wrote about

Sunrise | Source
Watching kites fly
Watching kites fly | Source
Mexican food
Mexican food | Source
Daiquiri's | Source
Fresh prawns
Fresh prawns | Source

Photos taken at Kings Beach, in Caloundra.

Sunrise and a crow
Sunrise and a crow | Source
Sail boat, Kings Beach
Sail boat, Kings Beach
This is where we stayed. Shearwater Resort.
This is where we stayed. Shearwater Resort. | Source
Unspoiled | Source


Further down the beach
Further down the beach | Source
Roadway into the hotel
Roadway into the hotel | Source
Sunrise | Source
Just beautiful
Just beautiful | Source


Dining in Queensland

One thing to take note of if you are coming from overseas, most restaurants do not offer "doggie bags". It is not illegal to allow someone to take food home that has been served in the restaurant, but most will not.

If you want to Oder out and bring your food home, you can do that.

This is a link to Queensland Health explaining.

Fun in the sun

Enjoying the weather and the beach!
Enjoying the weather and the beach! | Source

© 2014 Lisa


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    • Shot by Lisa profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland Australia

      Yes, I am from Upstate, New York. I moved to Australia in 2007. I absolutely love it here. Winters are too cold for me in New York, so I really enjoy having such mild winters here in Queensland. I absolutely love the Sunshine coast!

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 3 years ago from Southern Spain

      For about a year then we went back to New Zealand , We nearly moved back in 1987 but my parents had left to live in Forster / Tuncurry so we moved there instead.The next time we visited Caloundra it had grown a lot. The steak & prawns look delicious ! I notice you are from New York ! We have been there as well as many other places.

    • Shot by Lisa profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland Australia

      It's so beautiful. Were you in Caloundra?

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 3 years ago from Southern Spain

      I lived near Kings Beach in 1985 for a while ! It was a lot quieter back then !