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Klaus Barbie Butcher Of Lyon

Updated on October 18, 2009

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Klaus Barbie The Butcher Of Lyon

Klaus Barbie the Butcher of Lyon was an SS Officer with the Nazis in WWII who began his career in Amsterdam by purging the city of its Jewish population

This pleased Hitler who made Klaus Barbie the Butcher of Lyon an SS Commander at the age of 29 and sent him to Lyon to stamp out the French Resistance movement using any means required

This involved the torture of 15,000 Resistance members, and 1000 Jews were killer or sent to concentration camps

When the war ended, Klaus Barbie the Butcher of Lyon burned the SS tattoo from his arm to avoid detection and escaped to work as a farm hand before being arrested and held in a US prison

He was released as he wasn’t detected as a war criminal until sometime later when he was again arrested, he managed to escape and eventually struck a deal with the US Government as an informer of war criminals but a warrant was issued despite the information he provided

Klaus Barbie Butcher Of Lyon escaped to Bolivia and worked for the government providing weapons, he became a Bolivian citizen and obtained immunity from French laws calling for his arrest

In 1982 the Bolivian government changed and the military regime was ousted, the new government turned Klaus Barbie Butcher Of Lyon over to the French for trial where he was given life imprisonment and died in a Paris prison 1991.

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