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La Caleta is a village with beaches in Tenerife's northwest

Updated on September 3, 2012

La Caleta means the coastal hamlet

The Spanish word "Caleta" mean a coastal hamlet or a little cove when translated into English and not surprisingly there are more than one such place on the island of Tenerife.

The best-known La Caleta is a tiny seaside village in the south of the island but there is another equally charming La Caleta in the Northwest of Tenerife that is well-worth visiting if you are looking for a quiet beach.

La Caleta photos

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La Caleta beachla Caleta signLa Caleta churchLooking back from La CaletaAnother view of the La Caleta beach
La Caleta beach
La Caleta beach
la Caleta sign
la Caleta sign
La Caleta church
La Caleta church
Looking back from La Caleta
Looking back from La Caleta
Another view of the La Caleta beach
Another view of the La Caleta beach

Between Garachico and Los Silos

La Caleta de Interián, to give it its full name, is clearly signposted on the coastal road from Garachico to Los Silos. It has high mountainous cliffs overlooking it and the village is part of the island known as the "Isla Baja" or Low Island.

La Caleta is just down the road from where you see the sign, probably less than a kilometre. It is a quiet village and very Spanish in its atmosphere and style.

La Caleta de Interián has plenty of houses in terraced streets, and tucked away in them you will find a few shops and cafés. There are several bars, restaurants and a post office, and of course the traditional Spanish square.

La Caleta also has a supermarket but that is back by the road sign pointing you in the right direction.

Of course, like all towns and villages in Tenerife, La Caleta has its own church which is the Church of San Andres. It stands looking over the seafront.

La Caleta has several beaches which offer a section where the sunbathers congregate as well as more rocky stretches with many pools and grey volcanic pebbles.

The waves are good enough for local surf enthusiasts and the beaches are also popular with anglers who can be seen fishing from the many rocks that jut out into the Atlantic Ocean.

There is a neat promenade walk along the front which spans all of La Caleta's beaches and offers seats to enjoy the view over the sea. The main beach is known as Playa de la Caleta and is covered mainly in pebbles but is nevertheless popular with sunbathers who put towels and mats down to lie and sit on.

Banana plantations occupy the land on both sides of La Caleta and just along the coast lies the charming town of Los Silos.

Palms and shrub and flower borders add to the attraction of the seafront in La Caleta de Interián. La Caleta has a pleasant smell of the sea in the air so you cannot get away from it - it is a place that seems dominated by its beaches in many ways.

La Caleta in the south of Tenerife

La Caleta inTenerife's south began as a small fishing village but is fast becoming a very popular resort. La Caleta is just up the coast from the Bahía del Duque on the Costa Adeje.

La Caleta combines the feel of a traditional fishing village in the south of Tenerife with the wide range of modern luxury and holiday apartments it offers.

La Caleta has some wonderful views across the Atlantic Ocean and provides some of the best seafood restaurants on the island.

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