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La Corona in Icod el Alto has a paragliding launch pad - paragliding in Tenerife

Updated on February 20, 2016

View from the launch pad

La Corona paragliding launch strip and view
La Corona paragliding launch strip and view | Source

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Paragliding in the North of Tenerife

High in the mountains of the north of Tenerife above Icod el Alto, which in itself is at a great height with the name meaning “Icod the High” when translated from the Spanish, is an area known as la Corona (“The Crown”) and it is here that paragliders launch themselves from the special launch pad that has been constructed there.

Paragliding is a very popular sport in Tenerife and in good weather you can often see paragliders soaring over the valleys and mountains. It is certainly an extreme sport though and not for the faint-hearted.

At La Corona there is an artificial turf launch pad that paragliders can run down to take off and fly over the valley below and over the coast. The views are amazing for pedestrians so it is difficult to imagine what it is like when actually up in the air.

There is an information board provided for paragliders that cautions against gliding when the “sea is choppy” and to beware of “high tension wires.” It nevertheless says to “Adjust your settings” and “have a nice gliding!” Personally I prefer to stay on solid ground!

Tenerife/Teneriffa: Mirador La Corona

Signpost for la Corona

Pathway to La Corona
Pathway to La Corona | Source

View from La Corona


Icod el Alto, Tenerife

How to get to La Corona by bus and then on foot

There is a steep pathway up to La Corona that leads up the mountain and through some forest from the road that passes through Icod el Alto and continues on down to Los Realejos.

Because of its height it can be chilly and damp so appropriate clothing is advisable, but on a clear day in fine weather it gives you some incredible views of the La Orotava valley and down over the coast where Play Socorro is located, and down and along to the resort of Puerto de la Cruz.

The Titsa bus service number 354 runs on the road that the path starts fro. This bus goes from Icod de los Vinos through La Guancha and terminates in Puerto de la Cruz before reversing the journey. It is route is used far more by local people than by tourists but those same tourists do not realise what they are missing out on by catching the more direct service that runs on the main coastal road.

For those who do not fancy the uphill climb it is also possible to get to La Corona by taking a side road that branches off and goes above Icod el Alto.

This road passes a traditional spring known as Fuente del Dornjito. Cool spring water can be collected there and many locals still do this in preference to buying bottled water or using the public water supply.

Traditional farming is still practised in this area too and at least one local farmer ploughs his fields using a horse-drawn plough.

Traditional farming in Icod el Alto

Horse-drawn plough
Horse-drawn plough | Source

Amazing views from Mirador El Lance

On the same road passing through Icod el Alto is a viewing point known as Mirador El Lance. It is well worth stopping off at because the views are incredible. It is almost like looking down from a plane as it is coming in to land and way below you can see tiny buildings and little roads.

The Mirador El Lance has a cafe where you can enjoy a light meal and drinks as you gaze in awe over the valleys and coast below.

There is also a statue of a Guanche mencey or king. It is Mencey Bentor. The Guanches were the people who lived on Tenerife prior to the Spanish Conquest. They held their own against the invaders for many years and notable battles were fought and recorded in the history of the island.

The mountain road that goes through La Guancha and then through Icod el Alto offers some of the most impressive views on the island. It has picturesque countryside with forested cliffs, pine woods and traditional farmlands.

This is a road and countryside you should put on your list of where to visit if exploring the island of Tenerife.

Mencey Bentor

Statue of the Guanche king Bentor at Mirador El Lance
Statue of the Guanche king Bentor at Mirador El Lance | Source


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