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La Quinta Inn and Suites and La Quinta Inns: Reviews, with Pics and Videos

Updated on May 10, 2010

La Quinta Hotels

If you and your family enjoy travel like we do, you already know that you can spend a small fortune on hotel rooms. I have a large family, with three daughters, three sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren. We love travelling together, and I’m always looking for bargains. We need four rooms when we’re staying in a hotel, and I often pay for all the rooms. Needless to say, this can add up quickly!

Luckily, we discovered La Quinta Hotels years ago. The La Quinta Hotel family includes La Quinta Inn and Suites and La Quinta Inns. These two facilities have many of the same amenities, but there are also a few differences. Both, however, provide great accommodations for a very reasonable price.

Typical La Quinta Inn.
Typical La Quinta Inn.

La Quinta Inns

The rooms at La Quinta Inns have hair dryers, free voice mail, free local calls, coffee makers, irons, ironing boards, comfortable chairs, TVs with premium channels, on-demand movies, and video games. Most every room at a La Quinta Inn also has a large work desk with free high-speed Internet access and wifi.

La Quinta Inns have attractive lobbies with comfy seating, and most lobbies also have free high-speed Internet access. This is a great place for big families like mine to gather.

Most La Quinta Inns also have large outdoor swimming pools with sundecks and plenty of chairs for lounging by the pool.

Every La Quinta Inn also provides free breakfast for guests. Their Bright Side Breakfast includes hot and cold cereals, fresh fruit, bagels, pastries, a selection of muffins, bread for toasting, juices, and plenty of fresh hot coffee. You can also make your own waffles!

Guests at La Quinta Inns have a choice of a room with one double bed, two double beds, or a king bed. Handicap-accessible rooms and pet-friendly rooms are also available.


Typical La Quinta Inn and Suites, outdoor area.
Typical La Quinta Inn and Suites, outdoor area.

La Quinta Inn and Suites

A La Quinta hotel easily doubles as an extended stay inn. In other words, the suites offered make great homes away from home. The roomy, light-filled lobbies make wonderful gathering places - great for conversation, watching TV, or reading a book. Most La Quinta Inn and Suites lobbies also have free high-speed Internet access, too, so you don’t have to be confined to your room to enjoy surfing the Web.

The suites are spacious and include hair dryers, irons, ironing boards, coffee makers, free local calls, free voice mail, and televisions with premium channels, on-demand movies, and video games. The video games are a real life saver when you’re sharing a room with kids!

Most La Quinta Inn and Suites also provide courtyards with attractive landscaping, gazebos, and benches – perfect for relaxing. You can also take a dip in the outside swimming pool or work out in the well-equipped fitness rooms.

Need to get some work done during your stay? No problem! Your extended stay inn includes a work desk that’s very spacious, along with a nice lamp and free high-speed Internet access. Even the computer chair is special. Each one is ergonomically designed to provide lasting comfort and proper support.

All La Quinta suites include a queen sofa sleeper, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. Guests at La Quinta Suites have a choice of a king bed or two double beds.

Pets are welcome at La Quinta Inn and Suites.

The La Quinta Inn Bright Side Breakfast is also included, free.


Pool, Atlanta La Quinta Inn.
Pool, Atlanta La Quinta Inn.
Typical La Quinta Hotel fitness center.
Typical La Quinta Hotel fitness center.
Room at La Quinta Inn in at Peachtree-Dunwoody, Atlanta.
Room at La Quinta Inn in at Peachtree-Dunwoody, Atlanta.
One of the lobbies at the La Quinta Inn and Suites, Perimeter Medical, Atlanta.
One of the lobbies at the La Quinta Inn and Suites, Perimeter Medical, Atlanta.
Part of the outdoor courtyard at perimeter La Quinta Inn and Suites.
Part of the outdoor courtyard at perimeter La Quinta Inn and Suites.

La Quinta Hotel discounts and packages

La Quinta offers discounts for seniors, AARP members, small businesses, government personnel, the military, Sam’s Club members, and AAA members. Also, kids age eighteen and under always stay for free in their parents’ room. With eight grandkids, this is a real perk for me!

You can also get a discount by booking your La Quinta Hotel room or La Quinta suite at least 14 days in advance on the La Quinta Hotel official website, and there’s no cancellation fee up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled stay.

To give you an idea of how much this book-early discount can impact the price of your room, check these out: Atlanta: rates from $42, Little Rock: from $39, Orlando: from $42, Dallas: from $32, Phoenix: from $42, Jacksonville, FL: from $32, Savannah, GA: from $42, Ft. Lauderdale: from $45, Tampa: from $42. These destinations are just a few of many great deals offered by La Quinta Hotels! See? You can afford a vacation this year!

La Quinta Hotels also has a great Park and Cruise deal. If you’re heading out for a cruise leaving from Port Canaveral, you can spend the night before at the Cocoa Beach La Quinta Inn. You and one guest will get free transportation to and from the port, plus you can leave your car parked at the hotel for free while you’re on your cruise.

Other La Quinta Hotels offer special deals and package deals, too! Go to the official La Quinta site to learn about package deals at specific hotels.

Comfort at La Quinta hotels


All the La Quinta suites and rooms now have super comfortable beds with new exclusive Simmons Beatyrest mattresses. These mattresses are designed to conform perfectly to your individual shape and pressure points. The coils and springs work independently of each other to give you perfect support for a great night’s sleep.


Unfortunately, many inexpensive hotels scrimp on the quality of their beds, leaving you arising in the morning sore and feeling more tired than when you went to bed. At La Quinta Inn, you won’t have to worry about this. You’ll wake up rested and ready to face the day! We’ve stayed at expensive hotels that touted their “luxurious” beds, but they weren’t as comfortable as the ones at La Quinta Inn and Suites, even though a night’s stay cost a lot more.

La Quinta Inn and Suites has gone green!


No, not the exterior paint – La Quinta Inn and Suites is now very environmentally friendly! In fact, La Quinta Hotels was named Energy Star Buildings Hospitality Partner of the Year by the EPA in 2000. What does this mean? In means that La Quinta uses Energy Star appliances in all their hotels. To receive Energy Star rating, an appliance must use 20-30% less energy than the federal government requires.


La Quinta Hotels also employ a “linen re-use” program. In some hotels, your sheets are changed every day. Who’s that dirty? At La Quinta Hotels, however, your sheets are changed only when you decide they need to be changed. Think of all the energy, water, and detergent this saves! Of course, if you still think you need clean sheets every day, the La Quinta Hotel staff will be happy to take care of that for you.


La Quinta Inn and Suites also uses an Energy Management System that regulates the heat and air conditioning in rooms that haven’t been booked. Why heat and cool rooms that aren’t being used?


Every La Quinta Hotel uses energy-efficient lighting, too, in the form of compact fluorescent lighting.


La Quinta hotel locations


Where can you find a La Quinta Hotel? They’re all over the United States. From my research, I’ve found that La Quinta Inns and Suites or La Quinta Inns are in every U.S. state except for Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Delaware.


La Quinta Hotels can also be found throughout Canada, and even in Mexico!


Reviews: La Quinta Inns and La Quinta Inn and Suites


I’ve stayed at several different La Quinta Inn and Suites and at La Quinta Inns. I’ve never had a bad experience! The rooms have always been clean and comfortable, with heat and air conditioning that actually worked. The front desk personnel has proven friendly and professional, and I’ve never had a problem with my reservation being honored for the specific type of room I requested. We’ve stayed in many hotels, and this is often a problem – but it hasn’t been with any La Quinta Hotel in which I’ve stayed.


We’ve also had good experiences with the employees at La Quinta Hotels. They’ve always been friendly and helpful. Many times I’ve asked them for advice about local restaurants and shopping, and they were always happy to oblige. In fact, the staff has given me restaurant discount coupons on more than one occasion!


We really like the free breakfast at La Quinta Inn and Suites and at La Quinta Inns. Since we often travel with our children and grandkids, it’s nice to be able to enjoy a good breakfast without having to load all the kids up and take them out to a restaurant for breakfast – not to mention the money we save on not having to pay for the morning meal.


Of course, the kids also enjoy the swimming pools at La Quinta Hotels. The pools are always well maintained, which we’ve learned not to take for granted when staying at hotels with pools. Some otherwise nice hotels do not keep their swimming pools maintained. We’ve seen plenty of cloudy water, littered sundecks, and broken pool step rails at other hotel chains, but this has never been a problem at La Quinta Inn and Suites or at La Quinta Inns in which we’ve stayed.



If you’re traveling with kids, I suggest getting one of the La Quinta Suites. You’ll have more room, and with the refrigerator and microwave in the room, you can keep cold drinks and snacks on hand. You can also warm up leftovers or cook microwavable dinners to eat in instead of dining out. You save money at La Quinta Hotels all the way around!


Nightly rates for La Quinta hotels

When we stayed at La Quinta Inn and Suites in Atlanta, a room with two double beds was $75. A king suite was $95. At La Quinta Inn in Marietta, which is just north of Atlanta, a king room was only $45 a night. In Brunswick, Georgia, our king suite was $79 a night. These prices were without any kind of discount offered by La Quinta Hotels, so your room or suite could be significantly cheaper. We didn't know about the early booking discount then! Part of the price depends on where the La Quinta Inn and Suites or the La Quinta Inn is located.

Peace of mind with La Quinta hotels


I know what to expect when I book a room or rooms at a La Quinta Hotel. I know there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Each individual La Quinta Hotel is going to measure up to the standards required of all La Quinta Hotels across North America. I know I’m going to get a great value for my lodging bucks!



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