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Landing Crafts For Sale

Updated on July 14, 2009

Landing crafts are specially designed vessels used for hauling cargo, trucks, containers, building materials, cars and passengers. Landing crafts are versatile ships that can be used in ports that do not have fully developed wharfs and docks. This makes landing crafts very useful in development in the islands. 

The landing crafts used today are much bigger versions of the ones used during the war. While landing crafts used during World War 2 carried only soldiers or tanks, the modern landing crafts are big enough to accomodate buses and trucks. There's usually a second deck for passengers. 

A brand new landing craft will cost millions of dollars. US$5,000,000 should be a rough estimate of a regular sized landing craft if you build one in North America.

Buying used landing crafts is a viable option for those who are practical minded. 

Now my good friend who happens to be living in the beautiful Trinidad and Tobago happen to sell landing crafts for a living. His website is at

Huge Landing Craft For Sale

This landing craft is almost 300 feet in length, it's only a few months old and is selling for $3.3 million US. That's a bargain as a brand new landing craft this huge would cost at least $15 million US.
This landing craft is almost 300 feet in length, it's only a few months old and is selling for $3.3 million US. That's a bargain as a brand new landing craft this huge would cost at least $15 million US.
This one is my favorite. 60m (196.85 ft.)
This one is my favorite. 60m (196.85 ft.)


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    • profile image

      Kathi 6 years ago


      Would you know of anyone to have LCTs' with capacities between 1500 DWT to 5000 DWT to be used in Southern Philippines for a minimum duration of 1 year beginning this middle of March, 2012? Please contact me back should you have anything that could be possibly be looked at. URGENT

    • profile image

      craig 7 years ago

      ANYONE know if there are large landing craft made in the .U.S. and that can do business in the U.S.?

    • profile image

      Jimmy 7 years ago

      Looking to lease landing crafts about 25 - 35 ft long if you know of anyone who might do this let me know. Needing them to help clean up the oil spill in the gulf.



    • Kudlit profile image

      Kudlit 8 years ago from Laguna


      Please check out and

      There's a huge list of landing crafts on both sites.

    • profile image

      Stephen 8 years ago

      i am searching for a used landing craft of a relatively good payload that could be shiiped to Africa. preferably something that is road transportable. Anyone who has an idea on where to search for one.

    • profile image

      James Parker 8 years ago

      I was looking for a landing craft to run between the Caribbean Islands with cargo and some passengers.

      I found this site that seems to be new but has some good choices of all types of work boats for sale:

    • profile image

      Captain Harold 8 years ago

      As the economy crashes and so many people loose their jobs, I think that owning a landing craft, even when it's so expensive to get one, is a great idea.

      You can always find high paying work if you own a landing craft.

      I know owners that get $1,500.00 a day to charter their boats. Now they don't have to work at all, Just lay on the beach all day and play with the ladies...

      I want One;-)

      And you get to hang out on the Sea all day:-)

    • Kudlit profile image

      Kudlit 8 years ago from Laguna

      We have new boats listed in a brand new website called the URL is

    • Kudlit profile image

      Kudlit 9 years ago from Laguna

      Hahaha. Parking would really be a problem.

      There are many landing crafts used in the "Nautical Highway" here in the Philippines. I know someone who owns one.

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      They would come in handy during floods! But I'd have to think first where I'd get the money to buy one. And where I shall have it "parked" :D


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