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Las Galletas in Tenerife in the Canary Islands means The Biscuits

Updated on September 11, 2015

Las Galletas the fishing village now a resort

Las Galletas means “The Biscuits” in Spanish but it is also the name of a delightful little town in the south of Tenerife that is fast establishing itself as having tourist resort status in the Canary Islands. It is a strange name for a seaside town though and no one seems to be able to say why it got called this.

Las Galletas began life as a traditional fishing village, and there is still a thriving trade going on there with stalls selling fresh fish on the seafront.

Today though there is much more to Las Galletas because it boasts its own marina, an impressive rage of shops, restaurants and bars, as well as an attractive promenade in front one of its beaches.

Las Galletas main beach

La Galletas beach. Photo by Steve Andrews
La Galletas beach. Photo by Steve Andrews

Costa del Silencio and Ten-Bel

Las Galletas is right next to community housing complexes of Costa del Silencio. Many ex-pats and visitors to Tenerife end up staying in this area, which they have discovered when they have been looking for Tenerife accommodation. Today an increasing number of holiday-makers are choosing self-catering holidays and this is an excellent area for doing this in.

Ten-Bel is one of the first ever purpose-built housing resorts and is the neighbour of Las Galletas too. There are plenty of Tenerife apartments for rent in Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas itself.

Las Galletas is within a short car or bus ride from the much bigger resort of Los Cristianos and also not far from the Reina Sofía Airport for Tenerife South. Being in the extreme south of the island means that the weather in Las Galletas is generally very sunny and warm, and this is, of course, just what the tourists are looking for.

Regular buses connect Las Galletas with other resorts and locations in the south of the island and it is also possible to get buses to take you to the north. Such a service runs from the capital of Santa Cruz down to Costa del Silencio. Another bus will take you to the golf areas of Tenerife South or on to El Medano where the wind-surfers gather.

Las Galletas, Tenerife

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Las Galletas marina

The very long beach in front of Las Galletas harbour and marina is popular with sunbathers and swimmers. Holiday-makers and locals flock here despite its many pebbles and being right next to an often busy road.

The marina offers cruises and diving as well as a range of waterfront restaurants that specialise in fish and seafood dishes. As more attractions are being added to the marina and the seafront of Las Galletas the location is becoming more and more popular as a place to visit and a place to take a holiday or to live.

If you are staying in one of the other resorts in Tenerife South it is well worth visiting Las Galletas for an enjoyable day out.

Las Galletas on the map

© 2011 Steve Andrews


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    • Tenerife Islander profile image

      Steve Andrews 6 years ago from Tenerife

      Thank you! I hope you get to visit it!

    • Coolpapa profile image

      Coolpapa 6 years ago from Florida

      Great piece! This has always been one of my dream vacation spots. Thanks