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Las Palapas Cancun

Updated on February 21, 2016

So to Summarize Enthusiastically

Talking Las Palapas today. Ok so this is a wonderful place to take your friends and even more important there is good and wholesome fun for the family to be found at Las Palapas. This little park has a pavilion where there are comedians, dance school performances and much more! There are street dancers of a variety throughout the park as well as aerial performances in the "Rasta Zone" behind a Catholic church. Food, Oh my goodness is there food! So much yummy Mexican food! So many choices you won`t know what to do, you`ll most likely end up more stuffed than your Thanksgiving turkey! FOOD! I suggest trying the Elote.

Hand-made jewelry and decor, don`t forget art and books too. This happens on a daily basis from 6pm to 10pm, so don`t try looking for it in the morning because you wont find it and then most likely call me out like I am lying to you or something! No bull! This place is fun!

For kids they have bouncy houses, electric cars to drive around running over pedestrians or if they are too young, remote controls are available to the parents( so you can run over pedestrians) Like your gas, blame your reckless driving on the baby!

Almost everything in this art park is homemade or handmade and its a wonderful way for you to experience one of the most popular night activities in Cancun, supporting local artisans in their pursuit of a craft and a wonderful place for souvenirs!!!

Parque Las Palapas

Easy to Find

So This can be found right off of Ave. Tulum is you are taking the R1 or R2 Busses, you will have a little walk involved but nothing serious. You can also ask a taxi driver or write down where it is you want to go if you have a hard time knowing how to say certain words in Spanish. This is in a very safe zone and there are many bars and eating or shopping options in this area as well.

General Location

A markerLas Palapas Cancun -
Parque Las Palapas, Calle 5 Alcatraces, SM 22, Benito Juárez, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., México
get directions

Helpful Tips!

When shopping try to use Pesos! You may not get a fair exchange rate on your dollars. Always research the weather and exchange rates before you travel so you are well prepared and always check your change after you make a purchase!

Las Palapas


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