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Latest Relaxing Ideas with Inflatable Loungers

Updated on September 13, 2016

The first time I saw an inflatable lounger posted for sale, I was so excited to try the experience because it looks fun but was out of budget to buy one yet. I decided to do some research about the product and now I want to share it with you too. An inflatable lounger can be carried anytime and anywhere. If you are planning to go to the beach, pool, parks, or even just want to relax in your backyard, an outdoor inflatable lounger can be one good idea to complete your relaxation time. If you are an outdoor junkie who loves to go camping, hiking or mountain climbing, carrying with you one of the best hiking loungers is just perfect because it comes handy and light to carry. It can also be easily packed and is compact saving you space for more outdoor necessities.

A Review of Cloudnine Outdoor Lounger

While searching for the best outdoor inflatable lounger, I came across numbers of sellers and then I was directed to Amazon and saw Cloudnine’s Ultra-Lightweight Lounger. The features below are just some of the reasons I got more excited to buy one for our own.


When it comes to going for an outdoor travel with your family after busy and tiring days at work, all you want is to do is to have the best time for relaxation. You want to relieve all the stress and spend a quality time with them before you get back to work. Going to a place where you will feel comfort and extra relaxation must be one of your criteria in choosing for an outdoor activity. You might want to check the location, the facilities and other fun activities you can do with your family before booking a reservation. Bringing with you an extra comfort option like an inflatable beach lounger can be a bright idea. Cloudnine offers a very comfortable lounger with its smooth surface made of nylon fabric like those used to make parachutes. It is also coated diligently to avoid a sticky feeling during warm weathers where you are extra sweaty. It is also designed with a shape of a crown where your sleeping position will definitely give you a soothing experience because it will relax your neck and back due to the therapeutic sensation it gives.


It has a very light weight and is perfect for any outdoor activity like going to the beach, pools, park, camping, hiking or climbing activities. It comes with a carry bag giving you the convenience to carry it anywhere without worrying where to pack it. The easy inflation feature will not hinder you from having the best relaxation time. Here is a video on how you will inflate a Cloudnine lounger which you can do in less than a minute. The inflation will last up to 12 hours so you can sleep as long as you like but who would do that in an outdoor activity right? If you are alone, you may carry it outside your house particularly in your backyard and you can spend your night out and view the moon and the stars while waiting for sleep to come.

Inflatable Loungers inside the House

If we are talking about beautifying our living room, choosing the best furniture will be the first thing to enter our minds. Putting an inflatable lounger inside the house can be another idea for inviting guests to sit down and relax inside your home and make them more comfortable. It is also an inexpensive way of offering them comfort and giving them a warm welcome inside your house.

Inflatable chairs can also be put inside the kids bedrooms for them to spend their nap time or bond together. They can read their books while seating on the lounger making them more relaxed and comfortable while studying.

Another good thing about inflatable loungers is that you will not need bug sprays or other maintaining chemicals making it eco-friendly. Because they come with soft edges, they are also guaranteed to be safe for our children too. You do not need to worry if they bump the furniture because it will not hurt them anyway.

While putting these things together, I am getting more and more excited to buy an inflatable lounger. How about you?


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