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Latest trip, economics and customer service

Updated on February 20, 2009

traveling trough seasons

winter wonderland
winter wonderland
sun fire!
sun fire!
Caraiman Cross - Bucegi - Romania
Caraiman Cross - Bucegi - Romania

Booking convenient price - Cheap

We, my husband and I, do lots of things spontaneously. This was one of them; initially we said we might go to Florida and ended up going to Romania, Europe... was waiting for us!

After my husband, he is so good at that, done some research for the best route and price we booked our tickets with Alitalia; one stop in Rome and then Bucharest, price was convenient we said and here we go,...

I was rather ready to go and be away from home, from cold weather and all the stress the business gave me lately. We drove 3 hours to O'Hare and then we were in our way over the sky!

Going that direction we know we lose one day - per say! So, we loaded with music, comfortable chlothes and planded to nap some of the time.

In Chicago was no problem taking off - most of the time there are issues with the weather.

Connecting on

After all we were able to nap a little watch some movies and all that, and here comes ROME! we were landing in Italy to change planes and to make it to the last destination stop.

We were taxied but not to a gate in the middle of the pavement, somewhere,... then the stairs tube came to us and we boarded a bus to take us to the building. Hmmmm....Presidential style!....

The airport was kind of messy, it didn't impress me much. I've been traveling internationally in many destinations and I could tell right away when I like something!... We had a little time to kill and tried to walk around, when asked questions people weren't very nice to us...and the dirt, unexpected places....not really what you want to see in an airport area...

Bucharest airport was more familiar but not to the same system of busing you to the building to get through custom! Oh,...not again!....

and,...what do you know? we got lost baggage! everything came but one, well we had just 3 luggages anyways. Family was waiting for us!

Welcome to Romanian traffic, especially in Bucharest, rush hour, roads. I felt I was ready for a vacation but,...I wasn't ready for that kind of a vacation.

Anyways, we a good time meeting family old childhood friends and some other old aquintances.

Coming back

Oops,...I forgot to mention that we missed our flight! I was sorry,...$200/person later and 1/2 day spend between phone calls and going to the travel agent office and trying to find some parking,...yeah,...this is how I spend my last day pretty much.

Then we went to do some shopping, Unirea Shopping Plaza and make it back home for dinner...lock up luggages and take a nap. The next day flight was at 6:30 am, considering we had to be there 2 hours earlier, it wasn't much time left for us to do other things but just get a few hours sleep.

Welcome to Henri Coanda (formerly known as Otopeni) airport. Finally when the time was right to check in we found out that we will be landing for the second connection in New Wark! Say what??... in other words, after all time spend in the travel agent's office, COMMUNICATION has so much to catch up on,...we weren't told about the additional connection; but we wanted to go home of course, so we HAD TO GO! I wanted more then any other time in my life to BE, or to make it home - do you blame me?

ROME again?...oh, no this time was even worse. boarding was OK, only to find out after a 15 minutes delay that there is a technical problem with the co-pilot's chair, wait another 20 minutes if not 30...Then, simply understood, the tower had to squeeze us in and it took us another 30 minutes to get in like for take off,,....yes, wow!....

Well let's talk about CUSTOMER SERVICE,...just for a moment.

Imagine that you are served a meal at a restaurant and after all dishes are gone and you still have a drink or some desert and want to enjoy another glass of wine or so,...too many empty glass or small dishes are laying around, dirty napkins, are you tipping the wait staff? good, moderate or great?

After all we had a warm meal in the air and main dishes were picked up,...still serving a coffee or a bier,... waiting for the crew to come once more to pick up left overs,...waiting for the crew,...did I just say WAITING for the crew for the 3rd time?,...yes, yes....but NOTHING happened.

Got bored, you have to get up, walk a little,...ask for a garbage bag eventually and the answer was: WE DON'T HAVE ONE! use the paper bag by the chair and bring in your garbage!.... Say WHAT???????????? or WHATEVER......

Yes, whatever it was!

In conclusion, did we pay that CHEAP to have all these challenges or what?


So, for sure we will not fly Alitalia another time or go through Rome again!

Happy travel anyone and chose your destination carefully!  



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