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Laughlin Nevada: a Great, Cheap Get-Away.

Updated on August 13, 2012
Laughlin Strip
Laughlin Strip
Colorado River Dam in Laughlin
Colorado River Dam in Laughlin
View from the room
View from the room

Laughlin Nevada: a Great, Cheap Get-Away.

Winter is supposed to be the time for fun in the snow. For many it is the time to go cross country and down hill skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, and sledding. Snow has been sparse this year and without snow, winters are long and boring. A trip where daily sunshine is almost guaranteed may be just the thing to break the winter doldrums. But what if you are on a shoe string budget and you are looking to get away for under $1000.00 and that price includes yourself and a significant other. Enter Laughlin, Nevada located across the border of Arizona.

Why Laughlin Nevada?

Why not?

The average temperature in Laughlin from January through March is 60 to 80 degrees and sunny. It met the criteria of sunshine and located in the desert guarantees a slim chance of rain. Who wants to go on a vacation only to have it rain?

Getting to Laughlin was somewhat of a surprise. There is no airport, direct flight, or airline that flies into the city. The nearest airport is in Bull Head Arizona (which is literally across the street from Laughlin) and getting a flight is nearly impossible. Searching the internet produced a company that offered charter flights to Laughlin Nevada priced at $369.00 double occupancy for a 3 night 4 day get-away depending upon which city one chose to depart from. So it was cheap because the price included flight, hotel, and transportation to and from the hotel and it was still well below the $1000.00 budget. Booking was easy to do on-line and information and itinerary was going to be sent to the home address. So far it was a pretty painless way to book a vacation. Within 3 business days all the information arrived just as described on the web site.

Laughlin, the Charter Experience.

As with any flight it is recommended to get to the airport about 2 hours before departure, but once pass the TSA requirements boarding was quick and easy. The flight left on time and refreshment and snack was provided mid flight.

Upon arrival at Bullhead airport, buses provided transportation to the hotel with assurances that our luggage would be in our room. It was a sunny 76 degrees and off with the winter coats. So far so good and the initial costs were still only the purchase of the on-line booking, totaling $738.00.

Laughlin, Nevada Riverside Hotel.

Laughlin is a small community located along the Colorado River and there are numerous hotels facing the river. The Riverside Hotel offered the charter package. It is a huge hotel and casino and upon entering there are blocks of slot machines, card tables, stores, restaurants and you can hear the bells and whistles as players deposit their monies or collect their winnings from the machines. It has smoking and non-smoking gaming areas. Random deposits into nickel machines gave a profitable return on the way to the elevator to inspect the room.

The room was clean with two twin sized beds. It was acceptable and had a TV, hair dryer and coffee machine.

Laughlin Tourism.

Laughlin has a lot to offer if gaming is not your cup of tea. There are paths surrounding the hotels for walking or running.

The Colorado River Cruise is a fun excursion that provides the history of Laughlin and is worth the price with the hotel discount coupon.

Golf is cheap in Nevada and Laughlin has 3-4 exceptional courses to play.

Car rental is available to take a day trip to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, or the Grand Canyons in Arizona. The rental cost and a day excursion to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas was well within the price range planned for this trip.

For about $1000.00 it is possible to do all of the above. And if you are lucky and hit the jackpot it could be even less.



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    • profile image

      shamrock16 6 years ago

      Good article I was there thru a tour and this is an accurate description of Laughlin.

    • profile image

      Bev 6 years ago

      Thanks for some great advice I had no idea how much cheaper it is. I was looking at vegas for a quick getaway but I think after reading this you changed my mind now I'll have more to gamble with. Plus I love to golf. once again thankyou very much for posting this.