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Leap Castle Ireland

Updated on July 11, 2013
Leap Castle Ireland is supposed to be the most haunted places in Ireland. Here we are going to explore the paranormal side of Ireland.
Leap Castle Ireland is supposed to be the most haunted places in Ireland. Here we are going to explore the paranormal side of Ireland.

Leap Castle located near Roscrea in County Offaly is supposed to be the most haunted castle in all of Ireland. People who have tried to sleep in the castle say that it suddenly gets bitter cold inside the castle even when its warm and that when this happens they often see a lady dressed in red. But if you turn on a flashlight or or go to light a lantern the lady dressed in red will suddenly vanish.

Another thing that happens quite often is there will be the decaying stench of a corpse and when you smell the corpse people claim that right in the same area they will fill someone touch them on the back or on the face. Some people claim that when they smell the decaying corpse smell that quite often they will see a 4 foot high person with oozing dripping black holes where the eyes should be. And it will be gone as quick as it comes.

A monk is often seen in his robes wandering around Leap Castle. He will appear out of no where and often he is seen up on top or near the top of the castle looking down at who ever is looking up. If you look the monk eye to eye he always vanishes sometimes to appear some where else on the grounds only moments later.It was in the Bloody Chapel where one brother stabbed to death his brother who was a priest having a family service at the time.

People claim to see all kinds of things in what is known as the Bloody Chapel. Headless people and even legs and arms of people have been seen in the Bloody Chapel area. Several people were imprisoned in the castle and many people were executed at the castle. It is the ghosts of these people who were executed that people often see. One man a short monk only 4ft tall was caught having his way with a young girl on a near by farm. His punishment was that his eyes were removed and he was walled up in a section of wall and allowed to starve to death.

In fact while recent renovations were going on at the castle a hidden dungeon with hundreds of sets of human remains were found. Many of the people had been impaled on iron spikes and allowed to die slowly.

A watch was found that dated to the 1840's but no one knows who the watch may have belonged to. On the wall in the back of the dungeon the short corpse of a monk who had been impaled on a spike was found. It was clear a tool of some type had been used to remove the mans eyes. Written in black ashes was the word , Innocent. Making you think that a innocent man was impaled on a spike and left to die.

Let me ask you some questions and please answer them below in the comment section please. Do you believe in the ghosts of Leap Castle? Do you believe in Ghosts? Please post your answers below now.

(C) June 2010. This hub page was created for Hub Pages by Thomas Byers.
(C) June 2010. This hub page was created for Hub Pages by Thomas Byers.

Post your comments , tips , and suggestions about Leap Castle and the ghosts of Leap Castle now. And thanks for reading my hub page.

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    • JesadaB profile image


      8 years ago from Home!

      Awesome Job!

    • Paradise7 profile image


      9 years ago from Upstate New York

      Good hub, I love a good ghost story. I hope someday I get to visit this place. As far as believing or not believing, I have an open mind. I tend more towards belief than skepticism.


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