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A guide to Legoland-Windsor in the United Kingdom HubTrail

Updated on August 6, 2013

Legoland Windsor is a fantastic place to visit for everyone, with or without children.  Legoland is situated in 150 acres of beautiful parkland with some 55 interactive rides, live shows, building workshops, driving schools and other attractions and only a short drive from Windsor itself, so perfect for short or long weekend break. 

 The park itself is aimed at children aged between 3 and 12, although having recently visited it, older children and adults can have just as much fun, but it does look better if you have a child with you.  Although they aim the rides at children aged 3 and above there are still some rides which younger children can go on, but to get the most out of Legoland it is best that not only is your child at least 3 but they are also at least 1 metre tall, as some rides do have height restrictions and these are strictly followed by ride attendants. 

Where can you find Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is on the B3022 Windsor/Ascot road just two miles from Windsor town centre. It's easily reached via the M25 and clearly signed from the M3 (Junction 3), M4 (Junction 6) and all approach roads.  It can also be reached easily via coach and rail.

Directions to Legoland Windsor

Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead, UK

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Home to Windsor Castle

Winkfield Road:
Winkfield Rd, Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead SL4 4, UK

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What is there to do once inside the park?

Once you have arrived at Legoland Windsor the first thing you will need to do is buy your tickets, if you have not already purchased them online at the Legoland website or by using your Tesco Clubcard vouchers (both of which are very easy to do). The main entrance is well signposted with adequate staff available if you do get in a muddle. You will be given a park map that is fairly basic in detail showing the different areas of the park and detailing the rides in those areas showing age/height restrictions and any other information that is relevant. Alternatively before you go have a good look at the interactive map online and make notes of where things are and what areas you will be wishing to visit or not. After all there is no point wondering around the toddler and small child areas if you have teenagers!

Miniland in Legoland

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Boating SchoolJust one of the creations on Fairy Tale Brook
Boating School
Boating School
Just one of the creations on Fairy Tale Brook
Just one of the creations on Fairy Tale Brook

The park itself is broken down into 12 areas

  • The Beginning

Here you can find the Hill Train, Rocket Racers, Lego creation Centre Model Makers Workshop, Various café and shops, Annual Pass Room, Photo Collection and Q-bot Virtual queuing System booth.

  • Imagination Centre

Here you can find a two rides for children 0.9m tall, the Space Tower and Sky Rider. There is also the Imagination Theatre, Mindstorms (8yrs+) Discovery Reception, Robolab Workshops (11yrs+), Build and Test Workshops and Papa Mole’s Ice Cream and Coffee shop.

  • Miniland

This is an area showing amazing model scenes from Europe and the USA featuring nearly 40 million Lego bricks. London Skyline built with the help of Skanska. There is also an area where you can drive remote control boats.

  • Duplo Land

An area aimed directly at the younger ages with only two of the rides here having a height restriction of 0.9m. You will find the DUPLO Playtown, DUPLO Train, Extreme Team Challenge, DUPLO Theatre – Puppet show, Chopper Squadron, Waterworks (best to take a change of clothes for this one as the children run around amongst water fountains, but great on a warm day), Fairy Tale Brook, Mole-in-one mini golf, DUPLO family restaurant and Cuddles Corner (shop).

Vikings River Splash
Vikings River Splash
L-Drivers for aged 3-5
L-Drivers for aged 3-5
Longboat Invader
Longboat Invader
  • Traffic

Again mostly an area aimed at younger children although the Driving School is for children aged 6-13. L-Drivers is the younger version for children aged 3-5.  You will also find the boating school, Balloon School, Fire Academy and a Sub Station for food and drink.

  • Lego City

Here you will find Pirates of skeleton Bay stunt show, Digger Challenge (ideally for older than 3 as they will struggle reaching the controls on these real JCB mini diggers), Xbox 360 Gaming Zone, Orient Expedition, Remote Control Trucks, various food and drinks shops as well as a Q-bot virtual Queuing System booth. 

  • Adventure Land

Again an area for the less tall family members, you will find Wave Surfer, Dio Dipper, Dino Safari, Adventure Land Games, Climbing Wall and a few eating houses. 

  • Kingdom of the Pharaohs

This area is also good for the less tall in the family although even older children may have to be accompanied for some of the rides.  You will find Laser Raiders, Scarab-bouncers, Thunder Blazer, Desert Chase, Aero Nomad, Pyramid Games, The Bazaar and 3D Crystal.

  • Land of the Vikings

I simple area to get round with only 5 rides, and only one of these having a height restriction of greater than 1m, which is the Vikings River Splash (Rapids to you and I), you can also find Loki’s Labyrinth (maze), Spinning Spider, Longboat Invader and Viking Games.

  • Pirates Landing

This is really an area for the older children with two of the rides having height restrictions of greater than 1m, them being the Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench (Log Flume to you and I) and the Jolly Rocker (very large swinging boat).  Other rides in this area are the Pirate Training Cap, Enchanted Forest, Pirate Goldwash & Temporary Tattoos, caricatures and again places to find food and drink. 

  • Knights Kingdom

This is a very small area with just 3 rides and consists of ‘The dragon’ which has a height restriction of greater than 1m. The Dragons Apprentice for the smaller ones of 0.9m tall and the Character Stage.  You can also find a shop to buy goodies and a couple of places to eat.

Useful things to know when you are inside LEGOLAND Windsor

While you are inside the park there will obviously be certain things you will require, one of which may be baby changing or feeding stations. These can be found in the Baby Care Centre located in Lego City and also the Pit Stop Café and City Walk restaurant.

Guests with disabilities are always welcome, and to make your stay more enjoyable you should contact Guest Services either at The Beginning or in Lego City for our Accessibilities Guide.

Unfortunately we do not allow pets into the park, so if you do have a dog and have to bring it with you, do not be concerned about having to leave it in the car for the day as we provide full kennel facilities free of charge on a first come, first served basis. Please check with Guest Services at the Beginning. However it does go without saying that all assistance dogs are allowed into the park.

Pushchairs are sometimes an essential when you have a young family so at Legoland you can hire one from the Big Shop. There are single and doubles available with plenty of room for all your goodies and essential baggage that goes with young children.

If you want to leave the park (maybe for a picnic you have in the car or to see an event) you should obtain a hand stamp from our Admissions staff at the turnstiles so as to allow you free entry back into the park on that day.

Legoland Tickets



Legoland Windsor is well worth a trip, but you should be warned that you would struggle to get round the park in just one day.  It is well worth looking into staying overnight at a local hotel of which there are many in and around Windsor at various prices.  If you are going for just a day then the basic day ticket should be good enough for you, however if you are going to enjoy the park over two days, it may well be worth you looking into purchasing either a Legoland Annual Pass, or even the Merlin Annual Pass which not only allows you unlimited access to Legoland but also many other top UK attractions such as Alton Towers, London Eye, Sea Life Centres and many more.

Fun Facts About LEGOLAND Windsor

Here are a couple of little facts to bare in mind as you wonder round Legoland.  Did you know that the largest model in Miniland is the Canary Wharf Tower. It stands at 5.2 metres tall and took 3 modelmakers 850 hours to complete it using some 200,000 LEGO Brinks!!  In comparison are the little model pigeons in Trafalgar Square which contain just 5 LEGO bricks each making them the smallest models (I think we could probably manage those, with a little help from the manual).

Where else can I find a LEGOLAND

If you fancy visiting Legoland but do not live in the United Kingdom then don't despair as you can also find three other Legolands around the world. Legoland-Carlsbad in California USA, Legoland-Billund in Denmark and Legoland-Gűnzburg in Germany.


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    • jsasson profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi trying to learn about Windsor, I think you folks have the same skyline Miniland we have here in Florida. Cheers!

    • nasus loops profile imageAUTHOR

      nasus loops 

      8 years ago from Fenland

      Hi Amie. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I would recommend you get yourself too Legoland. Don't know how old your son is, but really as long as they are over 1.1m tall then you will be able to go on most if not all the rides. I can't wait to go back in a few years when our son is a little older and bigger.

    • profile image

      Amie Warren 

      8 years ago

      I want so much to go to a Legoland! My son and I used to spend hours playing with his Legos.

    • nasus loops profile imageAUTHOR

      nasus loops 

      8 years ago from Fenland

      @ Princessa. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      This is definitely a place you should take your little ones. You will love it! I would recommend doing it over two days as one is really not long enough and as you have friends in the area you could easily manage this. Look into ticket prices carefully as going for more than one day, it can be cheeper to buy multiple day tickets or annual passes.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 

      8 years ago from France

      Sounds lke a place my little ones would love -ok, I admit that I would like it too :-)

      It sounds like the Legoland in Windsor is the nearest one to us. I am planning to take my little ones to London soon for an extended holiday, so visiting Windsor (we actually have friends there) would be an excellent idea.

    • nasus loops profile imageAUTHOR

      nasus loops 

      8 years ago from Fenland

      @ elane001. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Legoland is a really fun place, it is a shame they have not got one in your part of the world.

    • elayne001 profile image


      8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      What a fun place. Wish we had one here so I could take my grandchildren. Great hub.


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