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Legoland 1

Updated on March 12, 2007


Volvo Made out of Legos

Lego Lion

Legoland: Fun Town and Explore Village

Fun Town is filled with attractions and rides, but most are geared toward young kids. We skipped most of the rides here. The only ride we went on was the Sky Cruiser. It was car that only moved when you pedaled it. The faster you pedaled, the faster it went, but it did not go that fast. My brother sat in the middle, while my dad and I pedaled the car. If you stop pedaling, the car stops, but I am sure they have it set up so it will eventually go so the cars do not hit each other.

One of the attractions located in Fun Town is the Adventurers’ Club. You go on an adventure looking for various colored keys in each room. One room is the jungle, one was an Egyptian tomb, and another was the Artic. We were not very successful at finding the keys, but it was still fun.

We also went on the Lego Factory Tour. It was cool to walk through and see how Legos are made. At the end of the tour, we got two free Lego pieces. One said “I love Legoland California” and the other said “Kids’ New Years Eve, Legoland California 2004.” Also, at the end was the Lego Club House store. Here you could buy Lego pieces by weight. You pick and choose the ones you want and put them in a bag and pay by how much it ends up weighing. Also in the Club House, you can sit and build with Legos.

There is a penny-smasher machine in Fun Town. The machine contains designs featuring Buddy, a Lego mascot, on rides located in this area.

Explore Village was another area we did not spend much time in. It was mostly a place for younger kids. Also, it had a water-play area that we avoided because it was cold and cloudy. We did enjoy stepping on the spots to make the water instruments play.

The one ride we went on in Explore Village was the Fairy Tale Brook. You rode in a little leaf-shaped boat on a river. Along the route were scenes from various fairy tales. The scenes were all made out of Legos, of course. Some of the scenes were Prince Charming on a horse, talking on his cell phone, Jack climbing up a beanstalk, and Hansel and Gretel arriving at the Witch’s house

Prince Charming on Cell Phone


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    • I love ... profile image

      I love ... 9 years ago

      Wow, I really like that Lego lion, cool!!!

    • kjscrafts profile image

      kjscrafts 11 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      Legoland is in Carlsbad, California, at least the one that I went to it. There is at least one other location somewhere in Europe.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 11 years ago from San Francisco

      Cool! Building with Legos gives it that pixellated look of old video games. :-)

      Where is this place? Could you include address information in your hub? Thanks!