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Legoland 3

Updated on March 30, 2011

Penny Smasher Machine

Graveyard in Queue for Dragon Ride

Legoland: Knights' Kingdom

Knight’s Kingdom will take you back to medieval times. Located here is Granny’s Apple Fries. I recommend stopping here to try the apple fries, which are flash-fried apple strips rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with whipped vanilla crème. We enjoyed them as an afternoon snack.

There are two rides in this area. One is a rather tame coaster called The Dragon. Do not miss the graveyard that is part of the line queue. Some of the gravestones are rather funny. The other ride is for kids under 12. It is called the Royal Joust. They ride a horse around a track as if participating in a jousting tournament. My brother rode it and said it was too bumpy.

At one end of Knight’s Kingdom is the Witching Well and Enchanted Walk. Next to the well stands a witch who talks. I think she is making a potion, and steam is coming out of the well. The Enchanted Walk is a short little walk through the woods. The walk starts by crossing a wooden bridge that starts to creak when you step on it. On the walk, you can see bears, deer, and ducks made out of Legos. There are even Lego fish jumping out of the water.

Near the shop called the King’s Market there is a penny-smasher machine. This machine contains medieval-themed designs.


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