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Legoland 4

Updated on March 13, 2007

Lego Mini Washington DC

Lego New England Harbour

Lego Picnic in New England

Octopus Band

Legoland: Miniland USA

This was by far my favorite area of Legoland. It was amazing to see all the Lego models. There are models of the following cities/areas of the U.S.: New England Harbour, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Southern California, Florida, New York City, and San Francisco. We saw all the areas except for New York City, because it is currently being updated. What I enjoyed most about the models is that each one had something that moved and sounds, making the city come to life. In all areas, the cars moved along the roads.

In the New England Harbour, the boats moved about the harbour, and there was a train that went around the area. There was also a ship-building area where you could hear the sound of wood being cut. There was also a dry dock where Lego guys were repairing a boat. There was even a ferry that was taking trucks back and forth across the water.

In New Orleans, there was a paddleboat. In one area of the city, there were a lot of Lego people lined up to watch a parade. If you waited long enough, you could see the Mardi Gras parade go by. There was also a jazz funeral procession. The funniest thing to me were the freight barges that were loaded up with black Legos. I guess it was to look like coal, but I thought of it as Legos being delivered to build more buildings.

My favorite area was Washington D.C., being that it is also one of my favorite U.S. cities. It had everything from the memorials to the government building to the presidential motorcade. In the motorcade, you can see the current president and first lady built in Legos. I liked the rowers practicing behind Georgetown University. Near the Jefferson Memorial, you could hear a dog barking and what sounded like a woman being dragged along by it. In front of the capitol, there was a band marching and playing.

Also in Miniland was the Block of Fame and The Art of Lego. The Block of Fame had busts of famous people made out of Legos. It included George Washington, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Beethoven, and Albert Einstein. The Art of Lego was an exhibit that contained famous works of arts made out of Lego. Some of the works recreated are The Thinker by Rodin and the Mona Lisa.

The only ride here, well worth going on, is the Coast Cruise. On the cruise, you will see models of the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty. During the ride, your boat driver/guide will give you facts about the models such as how many Legos it took to make it. At the end of the ride, the resident octopus band will perform for you.


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      Katie Shall 

      10 years ago

      Great website


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